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1. Last updated 3 May 2018. These terms ('Terms') set out the terms and conditions which apply to the ASOS A-LIST loyalty programme ('ASOS A-LIST'). Your participation in ASOS A-LIST means that you accept, and agree to abide by, these Terms.

2. References to 'you' mean you as a participator in ASOS A-LIST. References to 'we', 'us', 'our' or 'ASOS' are to the provider of ASOS A-LIST, which is Limited. We are registered in England and Wales under company number 03584121 and we have our registered office at Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London, England NW1 7FB.

3. The Terms supplement our website terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) and our privacy and cookies policy (Privacy & Cookies).


4. To qualify for, and to participate in, ASOS A-LIST you must be a current registered account holder on ASOS, aged 16 years or over and a UK resident and place an order with a UK billing address.

5. To participate in ASOS A-LIST you can join the programme by visiting the ASOS A-LIST Dashboard within ‘My Account’. You will begin to earn points once you have placed a Qualifying Purchase (see clause 10). You may join or leave ASOS A-LIST at any time by clicking here.

6. If you have multiple ASOS accounts, we will endeavour to email you to make you aware that you have more than one account. Customer Care may transfer your ASOS A-LIST points, level and associated vouchers to your nominated account, where the accounts can be verified as being yours. You are not able to merge your ASOS A-LIST account with someone else’s and we reserve the right to refuse, close or merge additional ASOS accounts at any time but we will attempt to notify you before we do so.

7. ASOS may cancel, withdraw or alter ASOS A-LIST at any time, including these Terms and any ASOS A-LIST account, without notice.

8. Business use (e.g. purchasing product for the purpose of reselling) of ASOS A-LIST is strictly prohibited and will be considered abuse. ASOS reserves the right in its sole discretion, at the point of purchase or retrospectively, to determine whether a purchase is business use.

9. We can take any action we deem appropriate in our sole discretion, including closing or suspending your ASOS A-LIST and/or ASOS account and/or revoking any points and ASOS A-LIST vouchers accrued if we have reason to believe that you are abusing ASOS A-LIST in any way.


10. An ASOS A-LIST qualifying purchase ('Qualifying Purchase') takes place once you have joined ASOS A-LIST and you spend a minimum of £1 on ASOS except for when you purchase any of the following:


11. For each and every £1 you spend on any Qualifying Purchase from (and all international versions of the website excluding China) (our 'Website'), you will be awarded 5 pending points ('Pending Voucher Points'). Pending Voucher Points become 'cleared' ('Cleared Voucher Points') on the 29th day after your purchase was placed provided no returns have been made.

12. Qualifying Purchases made in any currency other than Great British Pound (GBP) will be converted to GBP after making your purchase according to the ASOS conversion rates at that time, and you will accrue your Pending Voucher Points on the GBP amount.

13. You will only receive 5 Pending Voucher Points for every full pound (£) you spend. For example, if you spend 99p, you will not receive any points, if you spend £1.50, you will only receive 5 Pending Voucher Points but if you spend £2, you will receive 10 Pending Voucher Points. Cleared voucher points will be reset to 0 if an eligible order is not made in six months. You will be notified via your ASOS A-LIST dashboard 30 days before your voucher points are reset. When an eligible order is made, the six-month time frame resets from when that order is classed as completed. ASOS A-LIST level points are not affected – they’ll expire on the date stated on your dashboard.

14. You are subject to a cap of 3,000 Cleared Voucher Points in any one month and you will receive a notification, via your ASOS A-LIST dashboard, when you have accrued 3,000 Cleared Voucher Points or more. If you accrue Cleared Voucher Points beyond this 3,000 limit, you will continue to see additional Cleared Voucher Points on your ASOS A-LIST dashboard but these will be removed at the beginning of the following month and you will not receive any ASOS A-LIST vouchers on these additional points.

15. Voucher points can only be earned on Qualifying Purchases.


16. On the first day of every month, for every 500 Cleared Voucher Points that have been earned, we will convert such Cleared Voucher Points to a £5 voucher to spend on the Website ('ASOS A-LIST Voucher'). We will send your ASOS A-LIST Voucher to you by email within seven (7) days. If you are not opted into A-LIST email marketing we will still send you a service message with your voucher code enclosed to make sure you’re notified of your voucher. ASOS A-LIST voucher will also appear within the ASOS A-LIST dashboard of the account that earned them. You will also find any earned ASOS A-LIST vouchers within the Voucher tab at checkout.

17. We only issue ASOS A-LIST Vouchers in £5 increments. For example, if you have 625 Cleared Voucher Points at the start of the month, you will be awarded one (1) £5 ASOS A-LIST Voucher in redemption of 500 Cleared Voucher Points. Any Cleared Voucher Points not converted to ASOS A-LIST Vouchers will be carried over to the following month (in this example, 125 Cleared Voucher Points would be carried over). Additionally, if you have earned enough points to receive more than one ASOS A-LIST Voucher, you will only receive one ASOS A-LIST Voucher. For example, if you have earned 1,000 Cleared Voucher Points, you will receive one (1) £10 ASOS A-LIST Voucher.

18. Each ASOS A-LIST Voucher expires 6 months after the date it was issued.

19. ASOS A-LIST vouchers can only be redeemed by the customer to which it was issued using the relevant ASOS account details associated.


20. Things you should know about redeeming your ASOS A-LIST Vouchers:

21. You cannot select how much of your ASOS A-LIST Voucher you want to use when you make a purchase. However, if the total value of a purchase is less than the value of your ASOS A-LIST Voucher (e.g. your order is worth £7 and you have a £10 ASOS A-LIST Voucher), you can still use it. Within 24 hours of your purchase being completed, your ASOS A-LIST Voucher will reflect the balance remaining (e.g. you will now have an ASOS A-LIST Voucher worth £3).

22. If an ASOS A-LIST Voucher is in some way defective, we will reissue it with the same expiry date as the original ASOS A-LIST Voucher, provided that the original has not been used.

23. ASOS A-LIST Vouchers can be used for any purchases on our Website excluding those set out in clause 24 below.

24. ASOS A-LIST Vouchers may not be used: (i) on ASOS Marketplace; (ii) to purchase any ASOS gift vouchers, or (iii) on any purchases of any items we decide not to include in ASOS A-LIST at our sole discretion from time to time and which we will communicate to you.


25. In addition to your voucher points, for each and every £1 you spend on any Qualifying Purchase from our Website, you will be awarded 5 Level Points ('Level Points'), which you will receive on the 29th day after your purchase was placed, subject to no returns. These points may entitle you to additional rewards provided you meet the Level Points threshold set out in clause 27 below.

26. Level Points can only be earned on Qualifying Purchases.

27. Once you join ASOS A-LIST, you will be placed into Entry Level after your first Qualifying Purchase.

When you make your second Qualifying Purchase, you will automatically be placed in Level 1, even if you don’t have the required number of Level Points to enter. For example if you have earned 250 Level Points and have made two Qualifying Purchases, you will be placed into Level 1.

If you have more than 1,000 Level points when you place your second Qualifying Purchase we will allocate you a Level based on the current number of Level Points you have as follows:

If at any time after your Second Qualifying Purchase has been made, you have 0-399 Level Points, you will fall into Entry level.

28. Once you have accrued enough Level Points to take you to the next level, we will automatically move you up.

29. Each Level will give you access to greater rewards, as notified to you from time to time, which might include discounts, entry to competitions, prize draws and bonus points days. These will be subject to additional terms and conditions, which we will communicate to you at that time. Some Level rewards may only be communicated via email so you must be opted into A-LIST emails to receive these and to fully benefit from the rewards in each level.

30. Your Level Points will be reset to zero (0) every 12 months, on the anniversary of the date you made your first Qualifying Purchase (this date being your 'Level Points Expiry Date'). For example, if you made your first Qualifying Purchase on 1 January 2016, your Level Points will reset to zero (0) on 1 January 2017 and again on 1 January 2018 and so on.

31. You will remain in a specific Level for 12 months from the date of entering that Level ('Level Term'), unless you have enough Level Points to move up a level, even if your Level Points Expiry Date is during the Level Term. For example, if on 20 November 2016, you reached the VVIP Level, you will remain in VVIP until 19 November 2017.

32. Your voucher points will be unaffected by your Level Points Expiry Date or Level Term expiry date.

33. Voucher points and Level Points cannot be transferred to another customers account.


34. Your Voucher Points will be classed as pending for 28 days after completing a purchase (the 'Returns Period') and then will 'clear' and be added to your Cleared Voucher Points on the 29th day provided ASOS receives the total payment for that purchase and you do not make any returns during the Returns Period.

35. Level Points will be added on the 29th day after completing a purchase to allow for any returns during the Returns Period.

36. If, during the Returns Period, you return any of your purchased items for a full or partial refund, the Pending Voucher Points that have been earned will be deducted to reflect any returns made.

37. If you return an item outside the Returns Period once Cleared Voucher Points and Level Points have been added, it is within ASOS' discretion as to whether your return is accepted. If it is, we will deduct the equivalent number of Cleared Voucher Points and Level Points to reflect any returns made. This may result in negative Cleared Voucher Points. If the deduction of Level Points would result in a negative balance (e.g. Level Points have expired since the purchase was placed), Level Points will not be deducted but your level will be adjusted if those Level Points contributed to any level upgrade.

38. When a purchase is returned or cancelled and one or more ASOS A-LIST Voucher was used as full payment, any refund will be given in ASOS A-LIST Vouchers (i.e. we will not refund money to you in these circumstances).

39. Where an ASOS A-LIST Voucher was used as part payment we may refund you partly in ASOS A-LIST Vouchers and partly by way of money (in the same amounts) of what you originally paid.


40. From time to time at ASOS' discretion, there may be opportunities to earn bonus points in addition to the Voucher Points and Level Points earned on eligible purchases. Bonus points can be earned via special offers, which are advertised via email and at at the time of the event. If you want to benefit from these bonus point offers, you will need to be opted in to ASOS A-LIST email communications to receive details of the offer. You must comply with the applicable Terms and Conditions for that offer, which we will communicate to you at that time.


41. You need to make sure that the contact information on your ASOS account is at all times accurate and up to date. ASOS will not be responsible if you don't receive or you lose any voucher points, Level Points or ASOS A-LIST Vouchers as a result of inaccurate details provided by you.

42. Voucher points, Level Points and ASOS A-LIST Vouchers have no monetary value, cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way or traded, except as stated in these Terms.

43. You understand and agree that ASOS may use data from your ASOS account, in accordance with our Privacy & Cookies Policy, for the purposes of analysis and so that specific recommendations and offers may be made to you.

44. You may leave ASOS A-LIST at any time here and by doing so you agree that this will end your participation in ASOS A-LIST. Once this has been processed, all Voucher Points and Level Points will be removed from your account and you will lose your ASOS A-LIST level status. You will no longer receive any communications about ASOS A-LIST. It may take up to 48 hours for the request to be processed. Any unspent vouchers will still be available to use in the Voucher tab at checkout.

45. If you later choose to re-join ASOS A-LIST, your participation will start again from the point you re-join, as if you are a new participant.

46. If you cease to place an order with a UK billing address at any time, you will no longer qualify for accruing Voucher Points and Level Points but you will be able to use any unspent ASOS A-LIST Vouchers and you will not lose your ASOS A-LIST level status until the end of the Level Term.

47. You can make any adjustments to your ASOS A-LIST contact preferences at any time on your ASOS A-LIST dashboard in your My Account page. You may opt out of ASOS A-LIST emails and/or text messages but still be part of ASOS A-LIST and earn points and vouchers on Qualifying Purchases. It may take up to 48 hours before the request becomes effective. If you opt out of ASOS A-LIST communications you may still receive your status updates such as voucher issuance or level expiry notifications.

48. Any purchases on which you earn Voucher Points, Level Points or use an ASOS A-LIST Voucher are subject to all applicable UK laws.

49. If you have any other questions just check our FAQs page. If you can't find the answer to your question then please contact us.