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Thanks for joining the circle and shopping our game-changing ASOS DESIGN Circular Collection! If you want to know more about our circular design process, keep scrolling for the all the details. And, if you wanted to do more than just rep responsible fashion, head to the bottom of the page to find out about super-easy hacks that can make some big differences – like tips on how to wash clothes responsibly and repair them so they last forever.


Well, it’s about making clothes in a way that reduces the amount of waste they create, both in their production and throughout the rest of their lives. That includes things like using recycled materials, cutting down waste in design, and making pieces that can be worn in lots of different ways – versatility is key, people!

To be part of our Circular Collection, a piece has to hit at least two of these three super-important design foundations:


AKA cut the scrap: did you know that about 35% of materials used in the design process end up as waste? That’s why one of our circular foundations is all about cutting down on surplus material, including amazing ways to design stuff with no waste fabric left over at ALL! It also means using recycled materials instead of virgin ones, like polyester or nylon, which are processed from petroleum and coal – so we can avoid the harmful chemicals those fabrics create. In addition, pieces that ‘design out waste’ can also use manufacturing processes that reduce water, energy, land use and/or chemical use. Cos less waste = happier world 🌍


Fashion should live forever! So, another one of our circular design foundations is to create pieces that are durable and versatile. Materials are made to last with us, and our great clothes are intended to work time and time again. Think reversible shirts, unisex denim, a dress that can be worn in four ways, and jeans that come with handy guides on how to take care of them properly. So, any piece that touches this design foundation can live many lives 🐈


The final circular foundation focuses on recycling, so that less textile waste ends up in landfill, and the need for new fabric is reduced. That means creating new clothes from old ones (AKA upcycling from things like leftover fabrics or vintage pieces), using mono-materials that can be instantly recycled, and, where more than one material is used, designing pieces so they can be disassembled (and then recycled) easily ♻️ Recycling never looked so good.

Circular design and circular fashion are just two cogs in the circular economy machine. Below, you’ll find some easy and helpful hints on living more circularly (yep, it’s a word!), and how to reduce your own impact on the environment. These are small steps, but they all help.

1. Keep shopping responsibly

Use the responsible filter next time you’re on a scrollin’ sesh on ASOS, and voilà! All our more sustainable styles will pop right up.

2. Care for your clothes

The journey doesn’t end at shopping more responsibly – how you care for your new garms matters, too. You can start washing your clothes less frequently and at 30 degrees, and if you have the space, try and air-dry your clothes whenever you can.

3. Repair stuff

You’d be surprised how easy it is to repair your own clothes. Most rips and tears can be sorted with just a needle, some thread and a handy how-to vid. For example, just do a quick search online for ‘how do I fix a hole in my jeans’ and – result – your fave jeans get another chance.

4. Upcycle your old looks

Kinda like recycling, but you get a whole new look out of it. This could be giving your old T-shirts a fresh tie-dye update, sewing patches onto old denim or going ‘full 80s’ with a homemade bleach wash. Check out our ‘Created By You’ video series on YouTube for some ideas.

5. Donate

If you want to make sure your old garms are doing some good, donate to your local charity shops. They could really help some other people out, you know?

6. Vintage wins

Head over to ASOS Marketplace to shop vintage, and give some sweet designer finds a second home.

7. Recycle

Avoid throwing out clothes whenever possible. There are SO MANY ways to recycle them. Many local councils offer recycling services, as do lots of your favourite high-street shops. Easy.

Thank you for supporting ASOS Design Circular Collection