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Tom Daley really needs no introduction, but we’re gonna give him one anyways ✌️ The gold medal-winning athlete, father, husband, documentarian, LGBTQ+ activist AND avid knitter (putting our CVs to shame here 🤪) can now also add the first EVER male face of Rimmel Match Perfection foundation to that list. We were lucky enough to sit down with Tom (who was wearing a gorge knit, ofc) to talk all things beauty, partnering with a legendary brand like Rimmel London and so much more. Let’s dive in... 🤿
Tom Daley x Rimmel Match Perfection | ASOS Style Feed

Hiya Tom, we're SO excited to meet you. So, when did you first start becoming interested in makeup and beauty?
I first started wearing makeup when I was going to photoshoots and events, and I always found that it was targeted towards women. The amazing thing about Rimmel Match Perfection is that it’s for everyone – at the end of the day, we all want that extra layer of confidence.

What do you love about the foundation itself?
I love that it's still your skin – it just gives you that little bit of extra confidence to go out, be yourself and be fabulous.

Love that! And how did it feel to be the face of a campaign by the I-C-O-N-I-C Rimmel London?
It's kind of crazy because when you think of Rimmel London and all the people that have come before [ed note: Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Adwoa Aboah and loads more] it's such an honour to be part of it. And to be the first male global ambassador? Wow, I'm just super excited.
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation | ASOS Style Feed

Rimmel Match Perfection is available in 25 shades for £9.

What advice would you give to people (specifically guys) who are new to grooming and beauty?
Keep it simple. Come up with a skincare routine that's easy to achieve every single day, morning and night. And when you want to feel extra special, find a foundation that suits your colouring – Match Perfection is amazing for that.

We totally agree. How do you think attitudes towards beauty have changed for men? Where would you like to see this going?
I think the beauty industry is doing more and more to become inclusive of everyone. It's going to be exciting to see that everyone's included, and that little kids – especially boys – growing up can say that they feel safe to be themselves and wear makeup if they want to.

What lessons will you teach your son about beauty?
The one thing I would say is that the definition of beauty is different for everyone – you should be yourself, do your own thing and not care what anyone else thinks.

Beaut. Your career so far has likely been gruelling on your skin, how do you take care of it?
Being an athlete – the chlorine, the sweat, you name it – is not that great for your skin. So the one thing that I always make sure to do is cleanse (getting rid of that chlorine), then put on moisturiser and SPF

Tom Daley x Rimmel Match Perfection | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: ASOS

As an athlete, father, documentarian, Rimmel ambassador and more, things must be exhausting! What do you do to switch off?
It's always knitting for me, and maybe the occasional crochet – I bloody love them.

You studied photography at A-Level, how does it feel now being on the other side of shoots with Rimmel and magazines like GQ?
Photography is something that I've always been really interested in. My creative side has kind of merged into knitting and crocheting a little bit lately, but it's been really fun to be on the other side of the camera and be able to express myself creatively in that way.

Your recent BBC documentary [ed note: Illegal To Be Me, check it out plz 🙏] was incredibly moving, do you see yourself telling more stories like that in the future?
Yes, absolutely. I'm very passionate about LGBTQ+ visibility and being able to share those stories because sharing them is how you start to change people's hearts. And if you can change people's hearts, you can change people's minds and that's how you can make real positive change.