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Hairstyle of the week #4

Thanks to Bradley Wiggins’ success at the London 2012 Olympics, massive sideburns threatened a comeback for about five minutes, until, mercifully, everyone realised mutton chops should remain the preserve of eccentric athletes and ageing glam rockers. Two years later, however, sidies are back on the agenda (albeit in a slimmer, more refined form) and are sported by many a rakish A-lister, including Zac Efron and Justin Theroux. Understandably, this has changed our stance on them somewhat.

hairstyle of the week #4

Picture: IDS


The latest face to adopt a pair is Sean O’Pry, star of Taylor Swift’s latest music video Blank Space. Touted as the ‘new David Gandy’ – whatever that means – O’Pry was reportedly the world’s highest paid male model last year. While that’s not necessarily the most solid reason to shave off your whiskers and cultivate some sideburns, it suggests a seismic shift away from beards is underway.


If you’re tempted to do away with the fuzz and leave yourself with just a handsome pair of sideburns, à la O’Pry, here’s how to tend them:


-     Sideburns that travel down past your ear and towards your jawline are a no-go, so ensure you wet shave to around half way up the length of your ear. And if your ears are wonky, make sure your sideburns match up by checking in the mirror. 

-     Comb them with, well, a comb, in the direction of growth.

-     Use a pair of sharp scissors or a trimmer to cut the hair, using the comb as your guide to achieve an even finish.

-     Lastly, comb your sideburns against the direction of growth to check for any rogue long hairs – and then get rid of ‘em.