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Plot? Lost. Go-to 'fit? Found. Levi’s 501® jeans are the greatest story ever worn, so we obvi had to ask our fave #Merky Books authors jeaniuses to style them (ICYDK, #Merky Books is a publishing house launched in 2018 by Stormzy and Penguin Random House UK!). And there were ZERO notes for Taylor-Dior, Jade LB, Monika and Jyoti – scroll to see the ‘fits for yourself! 🌹 We couldn’t let them go without asking all about their fab careers so far, what a day in the life of an author is really like and more! Outfit deets and life advice, incoming ✨
Jade LB in Levi's | ASOS Style Feed

Jade LB in Levi's | ASOS Style Feed


OG icon and author of Keisha the Sk*t.

Hey Jade 👋 Let’s start by talking style, how would you describe yours?
I see it as the story you want to tell the world about who you are. In my case, admittedly, the story I’ve sought to tell has often lacked creativity.

You wore some 🔥 Levi’s® for this shoot, but what do you think your fave Levi's® say about you?
I’m here! I’m me!


And what’s your favourite way to style 'em?
With a cropped tee/vest and trainers... or a heel (because I’m not the tallest!)

Love 💕 You chose ‘what if you play by your own rules’ as your affirmation, why did it resonate with you?
I feel like my journey has been daring, and at each juncture I’ve held my breath in anticipation of what might happen because I’ve gone out on a limb and played ‘by my own rules’. 

We’re so glad you did 💫 What advice would you give people reading who are trying to channel their main-character energy?
When you don’t sit in judgement of yourself, you unconsciously demand acceptance, and everything conspires to make room for you.

Jyoti in Levi's | ASOS Style Feed

Jyoti in Levi's | ASOS Style Feed

Winner of the #Merky Books New Writer Prize 2021 and author of The Things That We Lost. 

Hiya Jyoti, thanks for chatting ⭐️ Time to talk style, do you see it as another creative outlet for you?
Definitely! It’s an extension of my personality. I feel as confident in a pair of heels and a dress as I do in a pair of shorts and a pullover, and I always have my nails painted with a LOT of jewellery on - I think 'chill yet polished’ is probably the best way to summarise it. 

Sounds ✨iconic✨ to us. Do you have a favourite Levi's® ‘fit?
I absolutely loved the 501® jeans and crop I wore on the shoot. It feels like a playful twist on a pair of dungarees. I really enjoyed how relaxed the outfit was, and how that’s balanced with the more polished aspect of it being a two-piece, paired with my hair up, nails painted, and all my jewellery.  

It's a vibe. And how did you find your way into becoming a writer?

I always wanted to be one but after my first degree in Literature I gave up on the idea because the industry felt so inaccessible. I threw myself into a career in marketing instead and hadn’t written at all since I’d graduated, but a few years later I found myself writing a conversation between a British Gujarati grandson and grandfather. That became the first chapter of my debut novel, The Things That We Lost. Then I went back to uni to do a masters, where I worked on the book. Afterwards, I applied for the #Merky Books New Writers Prize, was crowned the winner a few months later, and won a publishing contract.

Why did the affirmation ‘you’re the driver of your own story’ [seen in the campaign film] resonate with you?
It’s what I wish someone had told me when I was younger. At the time, and for many years afterwards, I felt like writers like me and the kind of stories I wanted to write were few and far between. Even though I loved writing, I didn’t feel like I had much of a say in whether my work would ever be picked up or not. So this affirmation is a reminder that I have the agency and the power to write the stories I want to in the way that’s most truthful.

Monika in Levi's | ASOS Style Feed

Monika in Levi's | ASOS Style Feed

Winner of the first #Merky Books New Writers Prize for her book, Teeth in the Back of my Neck  🌸

Oh hey Monika, ready to talk style? What's your fave way to style Levi's®?
I’m really into the double-denim trend at the moment – as long as it’s not the same shade. I’ll usually pair my dark Levi's® with my lighter denim jacket and a cropped tee or a tucked-in jumper, and a pair of boots. I have a (weird) rule that if I can’t squat comfortably in an outfit then I won’t wear it, because I can’t bear to be uncomfortable.

We feel you, and what do you think your #1 pair of Levi's® says about you?
My favourites are a gorgeous dark-grey denim pair with no back pockets. I love them because they’re a little twist on a classic piece of clothing, which is very much my style. I like clothes that look regular, but when you get up close there’s something that makes them unique. I like there to be a hidden story behind everything.

Always imagining 💫 What are the best and worst things about being an author?
The best part is when you’re in a period of high creativity – you’re struck with an incredible idea, or you sit down and write something you feel is fantastic with almost no effort, or you watch someone respond to your writing exactly the way you hoped they would. The worst part is editing. I’m not the kind of person who likes to look back at what I’ve written or I end up tweaking it and picking at it endlessly. It’s why my writing is always riddled with typos!

Love it 😂 Do you have any advice for people who are just finding their voice?
Be willing to experiment and keep an open mind. Consume as much art, writing and creativity as you can and follow what sparks curiosity. Don’t be afraid of emulating the style of others you admire, as long as you’re using that time to develop your own distinct style and not passing someone else’s work off as yours. Pay tribute to those who came before you.

Taylor-Dior in Levi's | ASOS Style Feed

Taylor-Dior in Levi's | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: ASOS

Romanticiser and debut author – her first book, The Situationship, is out now!

Congrats on the new book! Can you tell us what inspired it?
Thank you! I was inspired by the frustrations my friends and I had with the dating scene, and how scared this generation is to be vulnerable in the pursuit of love. Also, by other romantic-comedy classics like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bridget Jones' Diary and Insecure, especially when it came to reflecting my characters balancing their careers with their love lives.

Can’t WAIT to read it 🔥 Speaking of careers, what does a day in the life of an author look like?
Boy, my day probably looks a hot mess compared to most authors! I annoyingly get most of my writing done after midnight – when the world is super quiet, and I’ll just have a calm playlist in the background. But I’m trying to give myself a proper routine for book #2.

Let’s talk style. How would you describe yours?
Minimal and sporty with preppy flair, and heavily influenced by the 90s. I see clothes as my personal armour, and though I have my tried-and-true formulas, there are plenty of days where I wake up and ask myself, “what kind of girl do I want to be today?”. The power of transformation that comes with clothes is something I’ll never find dull!

💕 We loved your ‘fit in the campaign, but what’s your fave way to style Levi’s®?
Pairing them with some trainers or Birkenstocks and a plain tee — you just can’t beat a classic! But I also love juxtaposing a really casual pair of Levi’s® (or a denim shirt) with some heels and bold accessories.

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