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There's nothing better than discovering your signature scent, but how about getting a lil more adventurous and spritzing another one on top? Layering fragrances has been a hot topic on socials recently and we want to get involved! So who better to get us started than fragrance queen and founder of KAYALI, Mona Kattan. Read on for Mona's expert layering tips and prepare to have even more fun choosing your daily scent  🌸✨
KAYALI fragrance

Picture: KAYALI

Hi Mona! Layering fragrances is blowing up RN, but how did you get into it?

As someone with Middle Eastern heritage, fragrance layering is a very important part of my culture. However, it wasn’t until I moved to Dubai that my love for fragrance layering truly exploded. I would go to friends' houses and they would have trays of scents and oils for guests to use in different combinations, and I thought that was such a special and unique experience. You can come up with so many different combinations to create your own mood! I see fragrance and layering as an act of self-love, which is one of the main reasons I started KAYALI. I wanted to share this experience with the world! 

Mona Kattan holding a KAYALI fragrance

Picture: KAYALI

Wow, sounds amaze! Are there benefits to layering scents? 
Yes, fragrance layering can help boost the longevity of your scent. It also allows you to discover your own signature fragrance. And, most of all, it’s FUN! It’s almost like being a scientist – coming up with your own unique formula. If I want to feel energised, I'll layer a citrus fragrance over my go-to scent or for something cosy, I’ll choose a vanilla fragrance. To channel more confidence, I reach for something more 'beast mode', like an oud or something spicy. The possibilities are endless!!
KAYALI fragrances

Picture: KAYALI

We can't wait to find our perf scent! Are there any aromas that don't pair well together?
Personally, I feel like there are no rules! I love experimenting with my fragrances, and I've rarely experienced a combination I didn’t like. For people who prefer to play it safe, I'd say look for common notes in the scents you want to layer. You can also try applying the heavier, more intense fragrance first, and then layer 'lighter' fragrances on top. One of the tricks I used to use was getting perfume samples to play with layering combos.
Man holding a KAYALI fragrance

Picture: KAYALI

Noted! What's your fragrance routine like then?
It's always good to think outside of the bottle, especially if you like to apply scents to your skin. My layering routine starts in the shower, down to the soap, shampoo or exfoliating scrub I choose. I usually like to use a body balm or oil to moisturise post-shower – remember, moisturised skin gives your fragrance something to 'stick' to, so it helps boost your scents' longevity. After that, I choose my scents for the day, which can range from body mists to perfume extracts… It all depends on my mood!


Do you have any predictions for trending scents this spring?
I think people are going to lean into fruity florals for that juicy vibe or gourmand scents to feel like an absolute snack! 

KAYALI Vanilla 28

Instagram: @monakattan

We've gotta ask... since you're the princess of perfume, what's your absolute FAVE perfume combo?
This has to be the hardest question! I'm always testing out new fragrances, so I probably fall in love with a new combo AT LEAST once a day. But my #1 for layering will always be KAYALI Vanilla 28 – it was designed to be a top layer. It's addictive and sweet, and it goes with everything. I say it’s like putting whipped cream on your favourite dessert🍦


Ok – last Q! What're your top tips for smelling SO good that when you leave a room it’s the thing people remember?
I LOVE spraying perfume in my hair! Your hair actually holds scent better than your skin, but it's good to reach for something formulated specifically for your luscious locks so you prevent any damage. I never leave home without a bottle of Déjà Vu White Flower 57 Hair Mist – it's packed with nourishing ingredients like camellia oil, castor oil and aloe vera. I secretly also use this as a body spray on hot beach days, as it’s not good to spray perfume directly on your skin when you're in the sun!