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Grow out your summer buzzcut

So you got the chop this summer? Good for you. But as the days start to get cooler, adding a bit more hair length probably seems like a good idea. Follow these styling rules so you don’t end up batting away Sonic The Hedgehog comparisons.

grow out your summer buzzcut

Picture: @kevinluchman, model: @reeceking_

Don’t avoid the barber

It’s easy to assume that growing out hair means staying away from the scissors, but regular shaping, and keeping the neckline trim, is essential. 'As summer is coming to an end, we're starting to see men grow their hair slightly longer – but in order to grow out a hairstyle, it's recommended to still go and see your barber to maintain your look,’ says Kevin Luchman, Toni & Guy’s international art director. ‘Don't just let it grow and not see them, because you'll find yourself in an "in-between" stage and wanting to chop it all off again.' 

grow out your summer buzzcut

Picture: @cutthroatlondon

Have a plan

What are your intentions? It’s a good idea to talk to your stylist and give them an idea of what you’re aiming for from the off. ‘If you’ve had your hair cut short all over, then the easiest thing is to transition to a textured crop, so you need to keep cutting the back and sides,’ suggests James Fisher, manager of Peckham’s Cut-Throat London. ‘Ask your barber to chop into the top slightly without taking too much length – a lower fade might work best. It depends on your hair, but as a guide I’d advise visiting your barber every four weeks.’

grow out your summer buzzcut

Picture: @nomadbarber

Texture is king

One of the great advantages of a super-short cut is that hair products are rarely required. But as you get more length, it’s important to get the products right if you want to avoid fluffy texture. ‘You can start to texturise the top to add movement once it grows past finger length,’ says Miguel Gutierrez, aka the Nomad Barber. ‘Ask your barber to create texture; you can use a bit of matt clay or paste for a short, messy style.’ 

grow out your summer buzzcut

Picture: @rocketbarbershop

Facial hair is your friend

‘Grow a bit of facial hair to avoid looking 10 years old,’ advises Neil Scothon, owner of London’s Rocket Barbershops, ‘and try and get the sides cut regularly to avoid it growing into a tennis ball. Ask your barber to shave it high on the sides until it gets longer to avoid those pesky corner bits sticking out.’ Scothon also advises using a firm, dry product like a matt clay: ‘This will make it easier to manipulate the hair when it is short.’

grow out your summer buzzcut

Picture: @kevinluchmun

Get dirty

Longer hair needs more moisture to avoid that undesirable 'mushroom' look. Shampoo strips hair of natural oils, so avoid washing it every day. A grooming cream is a good way to add a little more weight.

grow out your summer buzzcut

Picture: @thy_barber

Patience is all

Remember – it takes time. Be patient, get regular trims to keep it under control, and find the products that work for you. And in the meantime, you can always invest in a few awesome hats.