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Model and mental health activist Adwoa Aboah is one of the most recognizable (freckled) faces of her generation. On the launch of her collaboration between her online mental health platform Gurls Talk and cosmetics brand Revlon, ASOS Mag spoke to Aboah about Gurls Talk, the new line and how she feels about being a role model. Read some excerpts from our convo and get the new ASOS Mag Spring '19 issue for the full interview below.
Adwoa Aboah ASOS Magazine | ASOS Style Feed

On her platform Gurls Talk
"I put my hands up — there are still things I’m working on personally and I need Gurls Talk as well. I’m 26 and I’m speaking to girls a lot younger than me. The difference is that I wasn’t attached to my phone all the time. Lack of confidence, feeling worthless and anxiety and mental health and positivity? It might not have been talked about as much but it was around. I know a lot of girls my age or older who say they needed these kind of things when they were at school."

On the importance of diversity on the platform

"[It’s] 100% intersectional. We have such a range of shape and color and background — some live in big cities, some come from country villages and some have traveled overseas. Some are posh girls, some aren’t."
Adwoa Aboah ASOS Magazine | ASOS Style Feed

On combining Gurls Talk with modeling
"I think I would melt if I didn’t have the balance of my modeling work and this. It’s integral to my day-to-day mental state. Both my worlds are meshing quite beautifully. I get certain jobs because of Gurls Talk and I’m able to give it a bigger platform through my modeling."

On the new collaboration with Revlon
"I’ve been part of it from start to finish, from the texture to the colours. [But] the thing I knew about doing this, is that it couldn’t just be 'Adwoa the model.' It’s not about that… It had to have a deeper meaning and be honest and true."
Adwoa Aboah ASOS Magazine | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: Thurstan Redding, Styled by Natalie Michaelides

On being a role model
"I have a responsibility to my community and everything I stand for. I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise everything… If you do something phoney, you deserve to be outed. The youth, who I’m aiming this towards, have no time for that casualness and jumping on trends, whether it be feminism, diversity or representation."

On her new love
"My dad turned to me the other day, and he knows — he’s my best friend and a feminist. He said, 'I can tell you this as your dad — this is the first time I’ve seen you comfortable in your relationship.' And he’s right. Obviously, there are certain parts of it that are uncomfortable, because love is, but it’s not like before. I’m me. For the first time. And that feels great."