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Beach style for skinny guys

Some people assume that skinny guys have it easy. From Mick Jagger to Alex Turner, they can pull off the kinds of styles that most wouldn’t dare. But leaner dudes face challenges, too. Often there’s an inbuilt desire to hide skinniness instead of embracing it – especially when it comes to dressing for the beach. While we’re not suggesting you rock up to the coast in Jagger-worthy skin-tight white jeans and a frilly Victorian blouse, you can afford to have a little fun. 

Don’t fall for the same trick as gawky teens everywhere by thinking that covering up in larger clothing creates a more muscular, filled-out frame. It’s just not true. And the tangled-in-a-parachute look is never going to catch on. This is how we do…

beach style for skinny guys

Picture: Xposure

A word on shorts

Obviously these are the go-to item when the sun shines but shorts can look a bit out of proportion if you don’t get the fit right. First up: the length. Too long or too baggy and you’re back to the awkward adolescent look, but too short can mean lanky. Just above the knees feels about right, so make a date with your tailor if you need to get them adjusted. Same rules apply to swimming trunks. It’s tempting to hide in below-the-knee board shorts. Instead, sport slim-fit, mid-thigh swim shorts and a dose of swagger.

Nail the T-shirt

Beware the tent. Too big T-shirts can make you look lankier, not more muscular. Get T-shirts that are slightly fitted but not so tight that they rise up at the back. Give the sleeves of your tee a couple of rolls for a James Dean vibe. This not only adds bulk and contours to break up the long length of your arms, but also enhances muscle definition. Bonus.

beach style for skinny guys

Picture: Rex

Invest in a vest

There are a few situations in life where the vest can be considered a bona fide fashion item and the beach is one of them. Embrace this summer staple by choosing a cut that sits somewhere between a tank top and nipple-skimming cut-away vest. A slim fit (but not super-fitted) vest with a scoop neck will do the trick. Don’t by shy and stick to white – if you’re going to wear a vest in public, go bold.

Ace the horizontal stripe

As a rule of thumb, balance the size of the pattern with the size of the man, so steer clear of large and loud patterns as the effect can be a little overpowering. Sticking to subtle stripes, gingham or other small-scale designs is a much better option. In fact, the beach is the perfect time to break out some horizontal Breton stripes, perfect for adding a bit of je ne sais quoi to your holiday steez.

Break it up

Dressing head-to-toe in one shade can exaggerate the proportions of slim frame. Break things up with lighter colours by pairing, for instance, dark shorts with a white, light grey or pastel T-shirt. Seriously, it’s that easy.