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Skincare fans, this is a BIG one! We got the chance to chat with literal ✨icon✨ Colette Laxton – co-founder of everyone's fave ingredients-led skincare brand The INKEY List! We had the best time asking her everything about all things skin – her knowledge is unreal! 🤌 If you’re searching for the secret to achieving that PERF summer glow, wanna delve a lil deeper into the science of skincare, or just find out a lil more about your fave brand, then read on! It’s a good 'un…🥹
Colette Laxton, INKEY List cofounder


ASOS: Hey Colette! We are VERY excited to meet you! 🤭 How are you doing today?

Colette: Hey! I’m really good thanks. We’ve got the entire INKEY List team together today – so it’s a good day. Once a year, we meet up to celebrate with a fun night out, so everyone's talking skincare and outfits… actually, mostly what they’ve ordered from ASOS!

ASOS: We love to hear it 😏 Now, let’s get stuck into the skincare! How did The INKEY List come about?

Colette: It was simple actually. I’d worked in the beauty industry for years, and I found the more products that came onto the market, the more people were becoming confused. There is SO much information and I just saw this need to strip things back… simplify, educate, and give people the knowledge to make their own decisions. We wanted to create a brand that is super easy to use.

ASOS: And you are DELIVERING on that👏 Can you tell us the story behind the name?

Colette: So, there’s this thing called INCI list, which stands for the International Nomenclature For Cosmetic Ingredients. Basically, it’s the small print you'll see on any skincare product, listing EVERYTHING in it – but unless you’re a scientist, it’s really hard to understand. The INKEY List is basically the phonetic way of saying the INCI list… and that’s how we got the name!

ASOS: The more you know! Everyone loves The INKEY List – what do you think makes it stand out from the crowd?

Colette: Well, this all started because we wanna help people. Every pack tells you how, when and where in your routine to use the product, and we even have a free skincare service called 'Ask INKEY'. You could be shopping your skincare on ASOS, and drop us a message on our site with anything from, 'What’s retinol?' to 'I have these four products, how do I use them?' We’re here to support, ppl!
the INKEY list hyaluronic acid serum


ASOS: We’ll be using that! For your own skincare, is there one product you'd never be without?

Colette: Hyaluronic. Acid. Serum. Every time! During lockdown, I ran out of mine and I noticed the difference within one day. I couldn’t go into work, so I ordered *my own product* from somewhere else with Next Day Delivery!

ASOS: The dedication to hydration!

Colette: Literally! HA is SO hydrating – and it helps make the rest of your skincare work harder. As a brand, we have five steps in a routine we think you should aim for and a whole step is just dedicated to HA – everyone should have it in their routine. It sinks deep into the skin, hydrating, plumping it out, and helping anything you layer on top go deeper. It’s the most hard-working product and it'll make the biggest difference. There's just one rule you need to remember: damp skin. Clean your face with a cleanser, and use the HA while your skin is still damp.

ASOS: Noted! And what do you think is the most underrated skincare ingredient?

Colette: I think niacinamide actually. It’s been trending for while and when I’m helping people choose the right ingredients for their skin, niacinamide is such an all-rounder. It’s amazing if you’re oily, if you suffer from redness… it just has so many benefits that could support so many people.
The Inkey List Summer Products


ASOS: What about a skincare tip that not many people know?

Colette: Ah, I actually found this out myself by accident – I started using it, and it kind of blew up on TikTok. It's Polyglutamic Acid Serum – an amazing hydrating serum that’s four times MORE hydrating than hyaluronic acid. One day I forgot to use it, and as I was putting on my makeup I thought, let me try and mix it in to my foundation – and it was a game changer! I always mix it in now – it stops dry patches and gives your skin this incredibly dewy glow.

ASOS: Speaking of that ✨glow✨ What are your top three products for nailing it for summer!?

Colette: First, Vitamin C for brighter skin. Then, hydration is key – our Omega Water Cream is a moisturiser that your skin just drinks in without getting greasy in the heat. It contains niacinamide, it’s super-lightweight AND it stops oil. Finally, SPF. Ours is a 3-i-1…

ASOS: Can you tell us a little more about this SPF?!

Colette: Of course! So it protects with SPF 30, hydrates AND primes. In our consumer trials, 90% of people said it *perfectly* primed their skin for makeup. We wanted to create an SPF that people really wanted to wear, so we thought if it’s going to actively make your makeup look better, then you’re gonna wanna wear it!
The INKEY list oat cleansing balm


ASOS: Speaking of cleansing, your Oat Cleansing Balm is another one that's reached cult status – what makes it so special?

Colette: It’s a luxury formula, which for the price is wild! Then, it sounds simple, but  the fact it’s in a tube... it’s foolproof. You can have it in the shower, you’re not digging your hand into a pot… it's easy! Use it as a cleanser, makeup remover, or leave it on for a super-nourishing face mask. Also, if you shave your legs, you NEED to use this – it will leave your skin soooo soft.

ASOS: We love it! So final q… anything exciting coming up for The INKEY List!?

Colette: I can't tell you exactly, but we have something coming sooooon *gasps* in the next couple of months! I can say two things: 1) it might not be for your facial skin 2) I have become obsessed with it, and I'm using it multiple times a day because the results are AMAZE. It’s a lil bit different but still with our classic science-and-ingredients-led approach. I think ASOSers in particular are gonna LOVE it.

ASOS: *Squeals* we cannot wait! <3

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