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Guess who's back? Fit Check, that’s who! It’s the series where we see how our coolest 'fits look on different body shapes 🧊 The days are (finally!) getting warmer, brighter and longer, SO for this edition we chatted to our models about their spring style secrets, the outfits they’ve got on repeat ATM and loads more. Expect some immaculate trenches (we’re still in the UK after all), 70s-inspired styling, a cheeky festival ‘fit and plenty of hot stuff from Y2K-fave Ed Hardy, Obey and ASOS DESIGN. Let’s gooo 🎢
Fit check | ASOS Style Feed

Jas (5ft 6, UK S and size 8), Ellie (5ft, UK L and size 12) and Ambre (5ft 3, UK XS and 6) in Obey cherub tanks, £42, and ASOS DESIGN cargos (similar £30).


How did you find what works best on you?
I started getting interested in fashion around 13. I'd look at Pinterest and I got inspo from cool people online. When I moved to London my vibe changed; I got into really oversized outfits – baggy jeans and slouchy jackets, that kind of thing. I'm confident with my body and wear fitted stuff sometimes, but I feel so comfy and beautiful in oversized 'fits.

So the street-style looks from today are a bit of you! We're also coming into spring and summer, how do you change your style for this szn?
I'm currently into long dresses and maxi skirts – I want them to be floaty and oversized. But I love to feel sexy too, so I'll also be wearing mini skirts. I still really like the Miu Miu vibe with super-cropped tops and short skirts paired together.

Totally get you. Do you have any tips to help ASOSers feel super confident in themselves?
Wake up, go to your mirror and say to yourself, 'I'm enough just as I am'. It’s weird at first but it’s actually a great exercise for your confidence. Also, stop comparing yourself to people. I mean, I still do it; it's hard not to with social media...

LOVE! Lastly, do you have any favourite brands on ASOS?
Carhartt, adidas, Nike... I ❤️ everything! That’s what I love about ASOS; you can find anything you want from so many different brands.
Fit check | ASOS Style Feed

Ellie (5ft, UK 12 petite trench, W30 petite trousers), Paris (5ft 10, UK 18 curve trench, W36 Tall trousers) and Jas (5ft 6, UK 8 regular trench, W26 regular trousers) in the Topshop trench, £95, and Topshop faux-leather trousers, £46.


So nice to see you Ellie – let's talk sznl style. Do you like to wear more neutral colours for spring and summer? Or do you keep things bright?
I like bright colours. Yellows, pinks, that kind of thing – they’re gorge. My nails are bright orange today too, so I’m obvs loving orange.

We're v jealous of them. And how did you discover your personal style or the outfits that work best for you?
Going on shoots, like this one with ASOS, and trying out new things. The outfits are always so cool and trying things I wouldn't have is defs how I find out what I love.


Love that! So today you’ve all been wearing the same ‘fits – what would you do if you and your friends actually turned up to a party wearing the same thing?
Freak out and say that I'm going to have to leave the room [she laughs]. I'm out. See ya!

Lol ☕️ And lastly, what have you been wearing on repeat atm?
I love fishnet tights and cut-out tops. I’m being a rock chick at the moment [she laughs]. [Ed note: get your 70s, Daisy Jones-inspired rock chic on with the ASOS DESIGN 'fit above 🎸]

Fit check | ASOS Style Feed

Paris (5ft 10, UK XL), Jas (5ft 6, UK S) and Ambre (5ft 3, UK XS) in the Ed Hardy cami mini dress, £50.


Let's get into this! Do you have any tips for transitional dressing into spring and summer?
You always need to remember an extra layer, coz UK weather is quite unpredictable. So if you’re going out for brunch, you could wear a vest top with a blazer. Then if it does get hot, you can take off the blazer and still look classy and put together.

Noted 📝 Are there any colours that you like to wear at this time of year?
I just love black. It’s my fave any time of year, even when it’s hot. I’d go for a black playsuit – but don't get me wrong, I do like to bring out the colours for summer. I'm not really into floral stuff though. I like my outfits to be very minimal and plain, and then I like to dress them up with bags, shoes, rings and earrings.

We feel you 🕷 And do you have any favourite trends at the moment?
Oh, I'm loving double or triple denim. I feel like you can wear it anywhere. If you're going out to the club, you can wear a denim skirt with a corset and denim boots. If it's cold, you can wear denim boots with leather trousers or a corset. [Ed note: see those drool-worthy ASOS DESIGN knee-high boots for reference 🤤]

The versatility 🔥 A lot of today’s looks have a street-style vibe – is there anyone you think is killing street style atm?
Kendall Jenner. I like Bella Hadid too, but I feel like Kendall’s street style is unbeatable. It's simple, but she dresses it up with amazing boots or a cool trench – which we had a couple of today.
Fit check | ASOS Style Feed

Paris (5ft 10, W36 L34), Ellie (5ft, W30 L26) and Jas (5ft 6, W26 L32) in the ASOS DESIGN ecru jeans, (similar £28).

Heya, babe! First question, how did you discover your style or the 'fits that work best for you?

I don't know if I've discovered my style yet! I feel like some days I slay, some days I'm not slaying. And that's okay, because you can wear a little tracksuit and if you fling on some makeup and hair, then you look fab. When it comes to going out, I know how to dress. I'll wear something that compliments my figure.

Agreed. And do you have any tips for transitional dressing into spring and summer?
My vibe for spring/summer is to do a bit more colour. I do like a neutral, muted palette [ed note: plenty of ASOS DESIGN inspo above 💘] but summer calls for more colour. In the summertime, I go a bit more sporty and girly. I like skirts and little flowy tops – always with a little trainer still tho.
Fit check | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: ASOS

Ambre (5ft 3, UK 6), Jas (5ft 6, UK 8) and Paris (5ft 10, UK 16) in the ASOS DESIGN floral co-ord, starting from £22.

Do you have any tips for ASOSers who wanna feel confident in their own skin this summer?

When I was young, I didn't fit in. I didn't look like any of the other girls at school, and one day I just looked in the mirror and said: this is me. I can't change anything about it; I can't change my hair, my skin colour, my eye colour, anything. This is me. Get used to it. Learn to love it, because this is how you're gonna look for the rest of your life. You may as well embrace it and be happy for the rest of your life. You can't live your life constantly wanting to change yourself.


Such good advice. Last up, what would you do if you and your friends turned up in the same ‘fit to a party?
Oh, it's happened to me before. It's whatever – just two little baddies vibing. I’d take some selfies, and then off you go. It's chill. Do your thing 🫶