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Don't you just love the smell of freshly baked brands?! 🍞 Bread haircare just landed on ASOS and it's on a mission to nourish every hair type – espesh Afro and coily textures. You've probs come across its gorge hair oil on your FYP – it's a TikTok beauty fave – so we couldn't wait to get more deets. And who better to talk to than Bread's Aussie founder Maeva Heim? Get scrolling for all the deets on the brand's origins, Maeva's inspo and her own relationship with natural hair. 
BREAD hair oil

BREAD Hair-Oil: Everyday Gloss 100ml, £22

BREAD Bread-Puff Scrunchie, £14


Hi Maeva! So, what’s the story behind Bread?

I grew up as a salon kid [her mum ran a salon in Perth, Australia], surrounded by all the buzz of beauty and hair products (plus, the tight-knit community that’s always part of the package of braiding salons). I worked for global beauty brands at the beginning of my career and I saw the hair industry from the inside. It felt like my hair texture wasn’t being catered for in a way that felt fresh, fun and community-driven – and that led to Bread being born.


We hear you. So what is Bread's aim?

To take the stress and complication out of our hair routines. I think we’ve reached the point where there’s so much choice, it’s overwhelming. I want people to feel like they still have a choice, but we’ve taken out as much of the guesswork as possible, with simple but intricately formulated products that just naturally become their go-tos.

BREAD hair wash and hair mask

BREAD Hair-Wash: Milky Hair Cleanser 250ml, £18

BREAD Hair-Mask: Deep Conditioner 354ml, £26


How can people include Bread products into their routine?
I feel like it’s so important to start with what your hair really needs day to day, and what catches your eye. Our formulas hit multiple needs in one go, but our Kit 1 is kind of like the A-team of Bread. It has our gentle Hair Wash, the creamy Hair Mask, the iconic Hair Oil and our oversized Bread-Puff Scrunchie – everything you need for wash day! We also have minis of everything, which are perfect if you want to dip your toes in.


Sounds dreamy! ☁️ Do you have any fave products? (We know that’s a tough question!)
Extremely tough question! Although our hair oil and hair mask are our runaway bestsellers, I really can’t get past our hair wash (if I have to choose just one). It’s such an under-the-radar product that does wonders for my wash day. Every time I have to test out different hair cleansers or shampoos for market research, I’m reminded of why I reach for it it all the time. It’s like discovering your absolute go-to face cleanser – it changes everything about your routine. It’s also our most-awarded product [it's won over 12 industry awards!] and it’s suitable for all hair types.

BREAD hair oil

Can you tell us a little bit about your relationship with your hair?
I started relaxing my hair at age seven and I experimented with braids and weaves (even blonde at one point, which was such a *moment* I need to try out again!). I didn’t see my natural hair again until I was 26, when my relaxer exploded in my suitcase and I took it as a sign to pivot.


Yikes – bet that was a tough clean-up job. What words of wisdom can you share with people trying to embrace their natural hair texture?
One word, really: patience. The transformation isn’t something everyone’s happy about overnight – it’s a long process and requires a lot of time and re-conditioning until you get used to it and, eventually, celebrate it. Flexibility is also key – being natural doesn’t make anyone superior and you can always experiment with styles without having strict rules.

BREAD hair oil

Pictures: BREAD

Do you have any hair hacks you can share with ASOSers?

I do a classic lazy-girl bun when I can’t be bothered with anything more involved (which is often), and I find that the best way to achieve this with thick or Afro hair is to split your hair in two right around the crown line and create two ponytails there, before joining them together in a bun. It helps to lessen the pulling and create a more uniform shape. 


Noted! And finally, who are your Black hair icons?

Zazie Beetz and Lacy Redway! Zazie is actually often styled by Lacy, so that makes for an incredibly dynamic duo. Her styles are always so free and unconstrained, in the coolest way.