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*Clears throat.* Sneakerheads, rise! 🗣 Grab your fave pair of Nike kicks and listen up, coz we've got some *important* info incoming. Nike’s annual celebration of one of its most iconic styles – the Air Max – is here! From the v beginning, the Air Max has been the most innovative in the game (that bounce AND that iconic air bubble tho 🫶). No doubt, they're gonna keep us bouncin’ well into the future! To celebrate the legendary shoe's anniversary (it's been around since 1987!), we linked up with sneaker expert Natalie to chat sneaker culture, groundbreaking style and more! 👟
@hellonataliew sitting in front of palm trees wearing Nike Air Max | ASOS Style Feed

Instagram: @@hellonataliew via Instagram

Hi Natalie! So we’re DYING to know… How many sneakers are in your collection?
I've never actually counted – probs between 50-100 pairs!

Nice. What’s your fave Air Max sneaker?
Well, the Air Max 1 is just ✨timeless✨ – it’s super versatile and you can dress it up or down. Recently, I've been living for really comfy styles that can be worn effortlessly.
Model wearing Nike Air Max in front of blue sky with camo trousers  | ASOS Style Feed

How do you authentically express yourself through your personal style? 
As a fashion designer, I know that it's not just about letting the sneakers speak for themselves – it’s also about styling an outfit that ties everything together. Personally, I’m all about streetwear-meets-functionality with sportswear influences. I love when there's a story behind each piece – it makes the outfit a lil more special.

A fashion designer too!? What’s your no.1 styling tip? 
Invest in quality pieces that'll last for years to come. You don’t need to follow trends, just wear what makes you confident and happy! And if you *really* wanna take your 'drobe to the next level, consider taking pieces to a tailor who can create a custom fit that flatters your body.
Nike Air Max in front of blue sky | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: @hellonataliew

Love it! The summer weather is coming real soon (fingers crossed 🤞) so what key pieces should we grab?
I'm a HUGE fan of combining fitted tops with oversized trews. I love experimenting with shapes and silhouettes. My fave summer lewk is a pair of white Air Max sneakers, baggy trousers, a crop top and an oversized jacket.

Noted. Do you have any advice on how ASOSers can live their lives to the max?
Follow your dreams and just do it! You have to take chances in order to succeed. I often ask myself, 'Does this bring me joy?'. If it doesn't, it's time to move on with gratitude for the lessons learned. Thank you, next 💅