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It’s Stylist Spotlight time! 🔦 In this series, we’re joined by an incred fashion expert to host a live styling sesh over on Instagram and TikTok. Then, here on Style Feed, we’ll have a proper chat with them to get the lowdown on their amaze careers, top styling tips and the trends they’re loving RN! This month, Carlotta Constant popped in for a catch-up (@carlottaconstant) 🫶 Read on for our interview with Carlotta and to see a couple of the lewks she’s styled 👇
Carlotta Constant in ASOS Design | ASOS Stylefeed

ASOS: Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

CARLOTTA: I’m a fashion stylist, so what I do literally changes every day! It’s always different, it depends if I’m prepping for a shoot, on set shooting doing a returns day or if I’m travelling – I’ve been travelling a lot recently.

How did you get into styling?

I had no idea what I wanted to do. I did graphic design at university and then I thought, "I’m not the best in my field at this", so I quit. Then I interned everywhere – did some fashion buying, TV, makeup, and assisted on a couple of ASOS shoots too! Eventually, I got a job at FHM doing menswear, then GQ, a little stint at Vogue, and then I went freelance!


ASOS: And do you have any career highlights?

CARLOTTA: So many! But I come from a football family and I do a lot of menswear, so some of my fave shoots have been when I’ve been able to work with people like David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Didier Drogba, Thierry Henri, Ian Wright… I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the best! I love doing stuff like that.

AMAZING, that was like 5 GOATs right there!? 🐐 Working on anything fun ATM that you can tell us about?

I’ll be honest with you, I’m NDA’d up to my eyeballs right now! But, I’m doing a lot of fun music videos, and one really big footballer that I’m potentially doing a shoot with soon…

Carlotta Constant in ASOS Design | ASOS Stylefeed

ASOS: The mystery! 👀 We love – so keep an eye on Insta?

CARLOTTA: Definitely! Keep an eye on the gram cos there’s usually some little clues on there 🕵️‍♀️

ASOS: So is there anyone you’d LOVE to work with?

CARLOTTA: Do you know who I’d love? I’ve always said I’d love to work with Shawn Mendes. I think he’s gorge, but I feel like he could push himself a tiny bit more with styling. He’s got this whole classic vibe, but I’d love to see him in some leather trousers with a vest – something a little sexier!

ASOS: We’re obsessed! We've already seen some amazing products for 2023, do you have any trend predictions for the year ahead?

CARLOTTA: There’s gonna be A LOT of sequins guys, I’m actually wearing them now. But, yeah, extreme sequins! Organza and ombré are coming back, too. I think it’s all about the fun and excitement, as well as boudoir dressing – that’ll be huge.

ASOS: *takes notes* 📝 And do you have a fave trend?

CARLOTTA: Actually, one of the trends I didn’t mention is all black. Black’s my favourite colour – it’s mysterious, and when you wear all black there're so many options. It can be all about the details, like maybe lace, adding gold jewellery, or an oversized coat etc.
ASOS DESIGN boots | ASOS Stylefeed

Pictures: ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Roxanne Western Boots, £42

ASOS: Do you have any styling top tips for us?

CARLOTTA: YES! It’s a two-in-one kinda thing, but basically: clear elastic bands! 1) You can use them for your belt, when there's a bit of your belt hanging down and you want it to look clean, use an elastic to keep it together. 2) When you’re rolling up your sleeves with a shirt, just put an elastic band around the sleeve, tuck the shirt over it, and it stays up for the whole day!

ASOS: Incred. Any funny on-set stories from shoots?

CARLOTTA: Absolutely! I was with a really famous actor a couple of weeks ago – styling him for a shoot. Basically, we couldn’t open the buckle on his trousers… so I had to cut the trousers, and I accidentally cut his boxers too 😳 The worst thing EVER.

ASOS: We CANNOT 🫣 What’s your fave part of the job?

CARLOTTA: Definitely meeting new people and collaborating with them! Also, not in a silly way, but you get to make someone’s dreams come true! You work together to build their vision. We’ll have really in-depth chats, and it’s such a collaborative process – that makes me very, very happy.

ASOS: And what’s your favourite product from our Stylist Spotlight Live sesh?

The black cowboy boots with white stitching! I wear them all the time, I’m quite petite so I always want a bit of a heel, and they’re the comfiest shoes to wear on shoot!

ASOS: You heard it here first, time to add those boots to bag 🤠 Anything exciting coming up soon?

CARLOTTA: So much! A very exciting shoot with a footballer coming up which will be very fun! As well as some fun music videos – loads of exciting stuff for 2023! So get on insta (@carlottaconstant) for all the updates!