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Stylist Spotlight is back, bby 🔦 Every month we’re going live on Insta with an incred stylist to discuss the latest ASOS DESIGN trends. Then, here on the Style Feed, we'll have a proper chat with them and get the lowdown on their amaze careers, the best styling tips and their fave pieces RN 📹 This month, Alizé Demange popped in to say hey (@alizedemange), and talk all things party SZN 🪩 Read on for our chat with Alizé and to see all the lewks she’s styled👇
Alizé in red dress smiling | ASOS Style Feed

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ASOS: Hey hey Alizé! We loved watching you on Stylist Spotlight! For anyone who doesn't know, can you tell us a lil bit about you and what you do?👋


ALIZÉ: So I’m Alizé! I’m a fashion stylist based in London. I’ve been doing this since I was 18 – I’m 31 now – so 13 years.


ASOS: Amazing. So how did you get into the styling world?


ALIZÉ: I knew I wanted to work in the arts, but I didn’t really know about styling so I went to university to study Fashion Design – I had a module in styling I thought this is WAY more me. I loved the idea of piecing loads of styles together to create a story, rather than making something from scratch! I was assisting and interning from 18, and then since I was about 25 I’ve been working on my own projects! It’s been a long journey but it’s been amazing.


ASOS: So can you tell us about the kinda stuff you work on?


ALIZÉ: I've worked a lot with music and talent – that means loadsa music videos, red carpets and campaign vids! I do a bit of commercial as well, mostly sportswear. But every day is different, every job is different, which I reaaaally enjoy!

Alize and Rihanna in suit and red dress | ASOS Style Feed

ASOS: And do you have a fave kind of project to work on?


ALIZÉ: I think my favourite thing is working with the same clients for a long time. I feel like especially with my she/her clients, I can really see a noticeable difference in their confidence and how I make them feel, like they’re finally being seen in the way they want to be seen – it’s powerful. I’ve seen people completely change by putting on a look and becoming who they are inside, it’s like being a proud mum!

ASOS: Any fun career highlights so far?


ALIZÉ: This is a career highlight for me! Also, talking to other everyday women about what they want to wear – helping them find their style through new trends and dressing for their shape! It’s hard out there to really get a sense of style for yourself. Telling people you can be who you want to be and don’t be scared! That’s what I want to promote through my work.


ASOS: We love that 🥹 Is there anyone you’d looooove to work with?


ALIZÉ: Some people I’m *loving* working with right now are Yinka Bokinni and Zeze Millz – we’re shooting [the TV show] Unapologetic on Channel 4! I love working with women more in my age range and with style like mine, it’s always cool working with people you can vibe with.

ASOS: The pieces we’re talking about today are very glam vibes, how do you put your own spin on that kinda look?


ALIZÉ: I LOVE getting dressed up. I feel like the ritual of getting dressed up is so therapeutic, there’s something really beautiful in taking the time to plan your look, and making it 🪩party🪩. I’m a ‘tight and bright’ kinda person, but also: accessories! And I’ll do something different with my hair or makeup that’s a little more glam to give the look that extra *oomph*. It’s not heels that make it dressed up – it’s you, it’s that whole swagger with it, but also... crystals forever.


ASOS: So, what's your go-to accessory for party styling?


ALIZÉ: Crystals and rhinestones, always! I feel like you could wear a whole denim ‘fit and have a statement rhinestone earring and that’s it – glam, done it!

Alize in blue sequin coord | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: ASOS

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ASOS: OK, now tell us about your DREAM party – we need to know! 


ALIZÉ: It's disco LEWKS, Studio 54 aesthetic! The guest-list is very vibey (posi vibes, only) and for the best party playlist EVER: house music, bashment, a bit of hip hop, a bit of 2000s R&B and then a bit of disco mixed into the house.

ASOS: Can we come😇!? This sounds amazing


ALIZÉ: Well… I used to plan parties in Dalston while I was working towards being a stylist. The club culture really helped mould who I am and introduced me to all the people I know!


ASOS: And did that influence your style?


ALIZÉ: It did! Going to parties like that, you could wear whatever you wanted. There was a time, around 2009, when people started rebelling – you could wear Air Force to a party when people weren’t usually doing that. It sounds silly, but it was a big deal! It was a culture shift.


ASOS: What is it about partywear that’s so special?


ALIZÉ: It’s just about having time dedicated to something that’s not your ‘everyday’. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the same Monday-Friday routine, you kind of create a uniform for yourself when you go to work. Going out gives you an opportunity to think about your look and explore your creativity – I think that’s really important.


ASOS: Do you have a fave piece from the collection?


ALIZÉ: It's so hard! With styling, there’s things I really love on other people, that look amazing on them (I’m a big boob girl – shout out to all the big boob girls👋) but it can be really hard to dress! It’s about making it work for you – but I think my fave piece for me is what I’m wearing! For styling... it's the cowboy boots!


ASOS: And finallllly, what are you excited about working on RN?!


ALIZÉ: I’m excited about this! I feel like doing Stylist Spotlight today showed me I can do these things. Before I would feel like I had to stick to just my styling career, but now, I can do multiple things like working on content, so I’m really excited to be doing more of that!