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We know Kaz Kamwi as the trés-fabulous ex-Islander whose glam was ALWAYS on point (she basically invented matching your eyeshadow to your outfit in summer 2021, btw 🏝) A year on and she’s still dominating the beauty space with an exciting new partnership with Easilocks. The textured hair collection features loadsa styles incl. a clip-in ponytail and headband wig in THREE different textures and a range of lovely colours (the mocha-esque shade of the moment is OBVI here 🥹). But enough from us, scroll to hear Kaz’s thoughts on the collection, her personal hair journey, Black hair icons and lots more goodness 🫖
Kaz Kamwi in the Easilocks Textured Hair Collection | ASOS Style Feed

Kaz in the Dark Chocolate Ponytail in Kinky Curly 3, £40.


Hiya Kaz, we’re SO excited for this collection. What do you love about it?
First of all, it’s mine!! I’m joking. It’s the first textured collection [Easilocks] has released and I’m super proud to be frontin’ it. I love that it’s all about diversifying the market with different hair textures and I’m so happy with the quality of the products!

So cool. And how seamless are the products to use?
The products are all very easy and beginner friendly. Styling hair is on the more challenging side of my beauty routine, but the products are so simple to use. All the pieces have grips attached to them, which act as guides if anyone gets confused. Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can! 

We know this is a tough question BUT do you have a favourite style?
Not be dramatic or anything but this feels like picking between your fave kids!! (I’m so extra, I know!) But if I had to choose, the headband wig has my heart. It’s so different and effective – especially for the days when I haven’t got time to style my hair. I can use it when I’m running errands, jumping on a quick Zoom meeting or even a FaceTime date 😉 No one will know I simply tied my hair back or just have canerows underneath it.

Kaz Kamwi in the Easilocks Textured Hair Collection | ASOS Style Feed

Kaz rocking the Straight Dark Chocolate Headband Wig, £70.


That sounds amazing! How would you describe your personal hair journey up to now?
I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my hair over the years. I spent my teenage years learning how to love and appreciate it. I found that styling my hair (natural hair and extensions) was a challenge because it required a lot more time. I had to learn what products work and which ones don’t – also which protective styles I preferred. I’m still on my personal hair journey, TBH. 

Always learning 💖 What do you love about wearing wigs or extensions?
Wigs and extensions allow me to have fun with my look. I could have short hair in the morning and long hair in the evening! Black hair today and blonde balayage tomorrow! Deep waves at 5pm and bone-straight hair at 8pm. It’s great! They’re also SO convenient and a great way to protect my natural hair and give it a break.

All the looks! Where do you look to see celebrations of Black hair?
Any and everywhere. TV shows, music videos – you name it, I’m paying attention. YouTube also changed the game, and I can now search through endless videos of girls experimenting with hairstyles. I’m always on the lookout.

Who are your Black hair icons?
I would have to give it to Rihanna! She switches up her styles so effortlessly and makes it a trend. Her confidence and boldness are inspiring. Naomi Campbell is also just iconic! I don’t need to say anything more on her! AND I adore Issa Rae, Solange Knowles and Janelle Monáe.

Kaz Kamwi in the Easilocks Textured Hair Collection | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: Easilocks

Kaz Kamwi in the Dark Chocolate Ponytail in Natural Texture, £40.

Going back to 2021, how did you look after your hair during Love Island?

Because of the heat, I had to protect it from getting dry. So, I focused on conditioning it as often as I could! I was also rotating between six different wigs and using a bonnet every night to protect my canerows. I really wanted them to hold out as I actually can’t canerow my own hair! New skill to learn for 2023?

You also had such a distinct approach to beauty on Love Island (I.e. matching your makeup to your ‘fits), how did you develop that style?
I think it started back in uni while I was learning how to do make up. I would spend so much of my makeup routine playing around with eyeshadow colours and by the time I needed to get dressed, I would throw on whatever outfit matched, and it just stuck from there!

What're the ultimate beauty products you HAVE to have on you at all times?
Mini perfume – I truly believe smelling good is a personality trait. I also swear on scented hand creams! Ideally the same scent as the fragrance I’m wearing that day. I will not leave my house without those two items!

Finally, do you have any hair hacks that you could share with ASOSers?
Invest in a headband wig! It honestly saves so much time for the days when you’re running out the door, or simply don’t have the time to spend styling your hair. It’s a decision I know NO ONE would regret 🥰