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It’s fitting that #ChillToThrill is the tagline for Rimmel’s Thrill Seeker mascara because Olivia Neill (the face of the newbie) is the queen of both. One scroll through this convo and you’ll see she’s also the eyelash queen – just look at ‘em 🔥 Armed with a bunch of your most thrilling questions (thanks to the peeps who sent them in on IG, we heart you 💕), we went and chatted to YouTube and TikTok’s funniest and most-stylish gal about being strapped to a plane, weird icks and ofc, eyelashes!
Olivia Neill with the Rimmel Thrillseeker Mascara | ASOS

Oh hey Olivia Neill! It’s great to meet you. You've got some of the best lashes out there – have you always been a mascara-loving gal?
I have always been a big eyelash girl. My eyes are my favourite feature, so I like accentuating them by making my lashes as long as possible. I used to be into fake eyelashes when I was like 13, and into the YouTube beauty gurus. Then I got into eyelash extensions, which absolutely ruined my lashes. So, I stopped getting those and now I just use my favourite mascara, Rimmel Thrill Seeker. It’s incredible, I’ve got it on today and I think my eyelashes look preeetty spectacular.

We agree. How would you describe a classic Olivia makeup look?
I’d probably describe it as rushed. I’m constantly doing my makeup on-the-go – I did my makeup in the Uber here today. But the two main things in my makeup routine are mascara and lipliner. No matter what I always have them on – I feel like it makes me look kinda put together, even though I did my makeup in about three and a half minutes.
Olivia Neill with the Rimmel Thrillseeker Mascara | ASOS

That’s a serious skill. Do you have any other Rimmel must-haves?
The Stay Matte Powder. It’s such a cult favourite. I’m a greasy gal in the summer so chucking the Stay Matte Powder in my bag to control that SULA is a must.


Speaking of Rimmel, what's been your fave thing about working with them?

I think the fact it's full circle for me is the coolest thing ever. I grew up watching Rimmel ads on the TV and saving up money to buy my first makeup items from Rimmel. Going from that to working with them and being in the TV ad is just CRAZY to me and I’m so beyond grateful.


That's wild. So, what do you do to chill vs. when you want a thrill?
Not gonna lie, I spend a lot of my time chilling on the sofa with a blanket, watching Netflix. Oh, and I'll throw a little bit of Deliveroo in the mix. But I’m quite an adrenaline junkie too. I recently got strapped to the top of a plane while the plane was flying about. It’s changed my life. Ever since, I’ve realised I love adrenaline, I love going on really scary roller coasters – I'm just crazyyyy 🤪

Olivia Neill with the Rimmel Thrillseeker Mascara | ASOS

Pictures: ASOS

We could never 😅 What's the most thrill-seeking thing still on your bucket list?

I reeeeaaaally want to go skydiving, so if anyone wants to come with me – let me know.

What have you got planned for the rest of your hot girl summer, other than being an adrenaline junkie, ofc?

I’m going to start reading. I know that doesn’t sound very hot girl summer but I'm kind of over the whole partying hot girl summer vibe. I've decided my new vibe is hot mysterious girl in the park drinking an iced coffee and reading a book.

Last but NOT least, when was the last time you got the ick?

I have the most specific icks EVER. Sometimes I feel bad for boys because it feels like everything they do makes me cringe. I got one recently from a boy having hay fever and sniffling their nose too much like how harsh is that, it’s not even his fault!!

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