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New ghd. Those two words send shivers (the good kind⚡) down the spine of any hair obsessive. The brand’s latest drop includes two Helios Hairdryers in fresh pastel colours 🙀 and a TRIO of Stylers: the Platinum+ Styler in pastel blue, Gold Styler in lilac and Original Styler in pink (an ASOS exclusive 🙀). A new ghd is a terrible thing to waste, so we called up three influencers to showcase their style – from super-sleek to a big blowout – then asked a ghd expert to break down the method behind the ✨ magic ✨
As seen on @miaisobellebarker. Created with the Platinum+ Stylers in Blue.

Instagram: @miaisobellebarker


As seen on @miaisobellebarker
Created with the Platinum+ Stylers in Blue, £229

This style will make you feel like THAT girl. It’s Bella-Hadid-meets-Naomi-Campbell levels of fierceness – but you gotta work for it, so make sure you prep perfectly. Cue: ghd Bodyguard heat protecting spray. Apply this liberally (and we mean LIBERALLY) before sectioning your hair in two. Then use a ghd tail comb to separate a 1-inch section of hair and clip the rest away (our fave clip for this is the classic ASOS Design claw clip). Next, go in with the Platinum+ Styler to smooth the hair. Now repeat these steps across your whole head!

Once done, use a wide-tooth comb to dress the hair. Then finish by spraying ghd’s Dramatic Ending on your hands and run them through the mid-length and ends. The final step is to take that shining mane out to show it off ⚡️
As seen on @klaudiacloud. Created with the Helios Hairdryer in Purple | ASOS Style Feed

Instagram: @klaudiacloud


As seen on @klaudiacloud
Created with the Helios Hairdryer in Purple, £189

To get these ‘fresh from the salon’ vibes at home, Klaudia reached for the new Helios Hairdryer. But she had to prep first, obvi.

Our ghd expert, Janine Jennings, recommends using the ghd Body Goals on damp hair before finding your parting and splitting it into two sections. Then section a one-inch piece of hair and clip the rest away. Here comes the tricky part (DW, Janine says it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it): go in at the nape of your neck with a ghd Ceramic size 3 brush and work down the section of hair with your hairdryer. At the bottom, roll the section of hair around your brush and point the nozzle of the hairdryer towards the gathered hair to dry it in a delicious curl 🌀 Once that section is dry, unwind the brush and clip the strand while it cools down. You guessed it – you gotta repeat this across your whole head!

To finish the look, unclip the hair, flip it upside down and shake it (like a polaroid pictureeee 🎶) to loosen your curls. The Perfect Endings hair spray will then hold it all in place 👏
As seen on @nicetouch_ . Created with the Original Styler in Pink.

Instagram: @nicetouch_


As seen on @nicetouch_
Created with the Original Styler in Pink, £129

This is THE look for a Y2K queen. Srsly, if it’s good enough for 2000s Britney, it’s good enough for us. But how do we make it look as lovely as Shriya has? The key is how you position the Styler. Before we get there , you prep, section and clip all the hair back (except for that one-inch piece).

To create the wave, you hold the Original Styler horizontally on the hair, turn it 180 degrees and glide the styler down an inch. Next, turn the styler 180 degrees in the opposite direction and glide it down another inch. Keep going until you reach the bottom of your strand and voilà! Use the same technique across your head and you’ll have an ocean of mermaid waves 🌊 Brush them out lightly with an oval dressing brush if you want your look to be more low-key.

A ghd pro-tip: spray the dressing brush with Dramatic Ending spray for a dazzling shine. Shriya finished her look by tying half her hair up before pulling two strands free to frame her face 😇