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Did you know that around 90% of women are wearing the wrong bra? Shocking, right? Well, adidas' new sports-bra campaign wants to address this. They've called it 'Support is Everything' for a reason – not only are its bras your #1 supporter regardless of your boob shape, size, or the impact level you want (low, medium or high), but the cute designs help you feel confident and comfy when you're on the move, too. The campaign name really got us thinking about where we find support in our lives – and we got chatting about this with Ally-Lou, India and Zaynab, the models on our shoot.

Ally-Lou in the xx bra and xx shorts, Zaynab in the xx bra and xx shorts, and India in the xx bra and xx leggings.| ASOS Style Feed

From left: Ally-Lou, Zaynab and India in adidas, available now.
India in the xx bra and xx leggings and Zaynab in the xx bra and xx shorts.| ASOS Style Feed

From left: India and Zaynab in adidas, available now.

What started off as something showcasing the bras quickly turned into a whole other convo – about the joy of movement, setting boundaries and building confidence. Scroll for their thoughts PLUS ways to style some of the comfiest sports bras out there rn.

Ally-Lou in the xx bra and xx shorts. | ASOS Style Feed

Ally-Lou in the xx bra and xx shorts. | ASOS Style Feed


Ally-Lou in the medium support adidas bra and matching shorts, coming soon to ASOS. Shop a similar option here.

Ally-Lou, seen above in a medium-support bra, rediscovered her love of movement when she was ill. ‘It changed my whole outlook on my body and made me realise how lucky I am just to be able to run around.’ Once she started feeling better, she realised that running and walking (her two fave pastimes, FYI) would give her a sense of freedom. ‘They can take you anywhere – I love running in places that I haven’t seen before.’ When asked about support, Ally-Lou told us she finds hers in ‘my friends and all the women in my family. If I hear the word support, I literally just see their faces in my mind’ ✨

For Ally-Lou, a sports bra should be all about comfort (she ❤️’s wearing ’em everywhere, not just the gym). But she wants to look good, too. ‘I haven’t been blessed with, well, you know [she laughs]. So, I also want some padding, and I love how this adidas bra gives you that.’ 
India in the xx bra, xx leggings and xx trainers. | ASOS Style Feed

India in the xx bra and xx leggings. | ASOS Style Feed


India in the adidas Training Badge of Sport mid-support sports bra (£25), adidas Training leggings in grey (£35) and adidas Running Ultraboost 22 trainers (£165) - *adds to basket immediately*

India (above) is on her best form when she’s dancing. ‘When I dance, I forget everything else – it's like you’re in a separate world. To be able to release, physically, from my body is so important for me.’ India is also NOT about that restrictive-clothing life. She lives in trackies and ‘a comfy sports bra – I want to feel like it’s not there, like it’s a second skin’. And we can confirm the Badge of Sport mid-support bra she wore on the shoot defs lived up to her wishes 🙌

When we asked what makes her feel strong and powerful, India mentioned her ADHD diagnosis. ‘Everything I used to be told off about – there's a reason for it. I now feel positive about things I used to get quite down about.’ And India’s top tip for feeling confident and comfortable in your body? ‘Get in front of a mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful every day. Don’t shy away from looking at yourself.’ We’ll be doing that as soon as we get home. Soz, roommates 😬✌️
Zaynab in the xx bra and xx shorts | ASOS Style Feed

Zaynab in the adidas medium support bra, coming soon. Shop similar designs here.


If there’s anyone who’s the definition of good vibes, it’s Zaynab. And where does she get that positive energy from? ‘Boxing classes. When I’m doing them, I throw out all my negative energy and I feel super-positive.’ She was rocking the high-support panelled bra on the shoot, and although we've styled it here with some leggings, she was dreaming up ways to style it on a night out: ‘I'd make it a lil classy by pairing it with a blazer and jeans. The bras I've been wearing today – especially with the bits of detailing – are defs cute enough to be dressed up.’ She also had some words of wisdom when it comes to feeling comfortable and confident: ‘Accept your body, accept the way you are. If you want to change something, make sure you’re doing it for you. You are the priority, live for yourself.’ Defs some words to live by right there ✨

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