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Even if your holiday party is just a chilled glass of champers in your living room, there’s no reason not to go big (literally) with your hair. Slicked-back buns are great and all, but now's the time to take your party hair up a notch – with a little pro-help from ghd ofc. We got the brand's styling expert Grant Williams to give us his tips for creating gorgeous party-szn styles at home. Check 'em out below, along with some sweet product reccos – including an ESSENTIAL heat protection spray before you start, obvs 😉
@lottietomlinson wears her long hair in soft curls. | ASOS Style Feed

Instagram: @@lottietomlinson


According to Grant, there are two important steps for achieving a soft glam wave with your classic ghd stylers. One: section your hair in diagonals – so, when you're prepping to curl, part your hair into mini triangles rather than straight segments, and work from there. Trust us, you'll see the difference. His second tip was to curl your hair in ONE direction – he'd recommend away from the face. This gives a gorge uniform wave pattern. Finish up by spritzing hairspray onto a paddle brush and brushing the curls out – beginning underneath to keep those waves looking 💯
@tashaggreen wears her hair slicked back into a ponytail but the pony itself is curled and has lots of volume. | ASOS Style Feed

Instagram: @@tashaggreen


If you want to recreate this look, Grant tells us it's best to curl the whole head of hair first to get the most natural-looking and bouncy finish. For more textured hair, he’d curl larger sections with his styler and brush it out immediately with a paddle brush. Lil tip: spray shine spray on your brush for some added GLOW. For the finishing touches, put your hair up into a ponytail and slick back those flyaways with a dressing brush and hairspray (AKA your best friend), and give the pony extra volume by backcombing it 😉
@alxcext has her long brown hair with beachy waves. | ASOS Style Feed

Instagram: @@alxcext


We’re not going on the beach in the middle of winter, so how the hell do we get these WAVES? 🌊 Grant says it’s all about alternating the direction you’re curling your hair. Create straight sections with your hair and curl one away from the face and the other towards it – this is gives you those imperfect-but-perfect waves. Then, brush it all out gently with a wide-toothed detangling comb to mix the curls in together. You’re ready for the beach now, bbz.
@onlybells_ has tone toned hair that is mostly dark brown but has two blonde streaks framing the face. Her hair is straight but with lots of volume. | ASOS Style Feed

Instagram: @@onlybells_


This look is all about glam with a capital G – perfect for any big holiday moments. If you’re straightening natural textured hair, use the ghd Straight On spray on dry hair before starting – begin at the roots and work towards the ends. After that, take your classic straighteners and – instead of pulling them straight down – twist your hand for half a turn and slowly pull them down. This gives you that bounce and extra volume. Finish with the shine spray, a brush-through and you’re ready to partayyy 💃
@sophfloyd wears her pink hair in a shaggy 70s style with the front strands framing away from the face. | ASOS Style Feed

Instagram: @@sophfloyd


OK, but we’re OBSESSED with this shaggy 70s look. Grant advises reaching for the hot brush here, rather than a styler. Section your hair horizontally and curl different strands in different directions around the back of the hair for more texture. For the pieces framing the face, angle your hot brush pointing vertically down, wrap the hair around it once, push it down and twist at the same time (away from the face, obvs) to create the flick. Not sure which styling tool to use? It’s all about the finish you want – a hot brush will give you a shaggier and cooler blow-dried effect, while a styler or straightener tends to look more polished and put-together.

Some of these may sound tricky, but remember: practice makes perfect. AND a heat protector is your best friend. Happy holidays, ASOSers – we know your hair is gonna be on point 🔥