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Nike Trail running in the Lake District | ASOS Style Feed

So, wtf is trail running? It's taking your jog anywhere that doesn't have a footpath – think nature and some amazing views (👆), all while getting in a VERY good workout. And here to support you through all of it is the Nike Trail Collection! We know its got the goods, cos we hit up the Lake District (🥵🥵) in Nike's gear alongside two pros and Nike trainers, Dora @doradontexplore and Sam @samm_yv. In between the leg work, we managed to squeeze in some chat about how and why they got into trail running. Check out the deets below.
Nike Trail running in the Lake District | ASOS Style Feed


So when did you first start trail running?
I first dabbled back in 2014, when I was living in west London. There was a specific route, which took me through the trails and along the River Thames – it was so beautiful! I was mainly a road-runner though, cos I’ve always lived in busy areas in London and I've never really taken the time to go and explore the nature around me.

What drew you to running off-road instead of on the street?

I spent some time out of London during lockdown and the trails were the only option if I wanted to get a good run in. It was so beautiful and peaceful, and that helped me with the stress and anxiety I was feeling at the time. Being out in nature made me feel really calm, and it also helped me to express the many emotions I was feeling at the time.

Nike Trail running in the Lake District | ASOS Style Feed

You're also passionate about getting other people involved in running. Tell us about Ultra Black Running, and what you hope it will become?
Ultra Black Running was a space designed to champion and empower Black women and Black non-binary people in the world of trail running, as people of colour are misrepresented in the scene. I want to inspire everyone to get into trail running, but especially my community. Since we launched in 2020, we've created a trail race suitable for beginners and seasoned pros. We want all races, genders and abilities to get involved. It was a huge success with lots of people running a race for the first time. That’s something I'll never forget.

Where’s been your favourite run?
Switzerland. There are such beautiful trails out there. The air is so fresh and the views are just breathtaking!


What’s the most important item in your kit bag?
It would have to be my sunglasses and my headphones. Without those two, I’m gonna have a really hard time!

Nike Trail running in the Lake District | ASOS Style Feed


Sam, you’re a yoga instructor when you’re off the trails, what benefits do yoga and trail running have in common?
Yoga and trail are quite similar in that they really allow and encourage you to be in the present moment. Both also help you utilise and develop skills like balance, stability, strength, compassion and of course breathing! Being in nature is one of the most powerful ways to get grounded and to revitalise our breathing. When we breathe better, we have better health overall and can ease daily stress.

What’s it like picking up a new activity like trail running?
Very humbling, but it’s also been fun to learn how to move my body in a different way. Running is really complementary to yoga and I naturally love outdoor activities. Being a city girl, it offers me that much-needed nature fix, too.
Nike Trail running in the Lake District | ASOS Style Feed

What’s the most important item in your kit bag?
Good SPF + AirPods. I love running to music and skincare is high on my self-care list!


What’s your personal trail-running goal?
I’d love to run a trail marathon one day, and maybe complete the Wales coast path... It’s a huge goal compared to where I am, but anything is possible!

You’re also a Nike trainer – what have you been able to achieve by working closely with the brand?
In the past 18 months, we’ve seen a rise in the need for meditation and yoga, so it’s been incredible to explore ways of getting yoga to communities that may not be exposed to it. It’s also supported me with my own fitness goals. Being surrounded by other amazing trainers has constantly inspired me and taught me new ways to move. I’m a runner now!

Runners wearing Nike Trail in the Lake District

Pictures: ASOS

Feeling inspired? To get you started, check out the Nike Trail drop below! The line's indestructible kicks are made with reinforced GORE-TEX (for ultimate weatherproofing), backed up with the kind of chunky treads that help make damp, off-road terrain a breeze. Plus, all the apparel is breathable, sweat-wicking (moving the sweat away from your skin) and insulating – cos, like, countryside weather, ya know?