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This just in: ASOS has officially partnered with gaming legends, Fnatic! 🤩 Yep, we're linking up with the certified most successful esports brand of all time (winning more than 200 championships across 30 different games, NBD) and we're seeeriously buzzing. Get ready to see the ASOS logo on the team's jerseys in all games from now on – including the upcoming League of Legends World Championship – and stay tuned for lots more to come 👀

To celebrate going full co-op mode with the team, we spoke to a few of the Fnatic players to find out what it's like to bag one of the best jobs in the world 🎮 Whether you're a gaming pro or keen to find out more about esports, scroll on to get the lowdown from players Olivia Sigg, James Orfila, Jake Howlett and Donovan Hunt.
Olivia (Loeya) from esports team Fnatic | ASOS Style Feed

Name: Olivia Sigg
Stream name: Loeya
Plays: Fortnite/ Counter Strike: Global Offensive

What's your favourite game and console?
It's gotta be The Witcher 3 on PC.

Getting paid to create content for Fnatic and live-stream your video gaming sounds like a dream, how did you get into it?
It is, although it’s a lot more difficult than a lot of people think. I’ve always played computer games and when I came across Twitch, I just loved the chat function. I was playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive at the time and thought, why not stream this and chat to other people to get some tips and tricks?

How many hours a day do you play?

At least six.

Talk us through your perfect gaming look
Something very comfortable, but with a bit of elegance too, like a fancy top with leggings – that kind of vibe. Also, because I’m spending a lot of time sat down, I don’t wanna wear jeans or anything restricting that are gonna make my legs feel weird after a streaming sesh.
James Orfila (Mistic) from Fnatic | ASOS Style Feed

Name: James Orfila
Player name: Mistic
Plays: Valorant Pro

How did you land a job as a pro gamer?
My dad introduced me to video games when I was younger and since then, I haven’t stopped playing. Becoming pro just kind of… happened. I rose through the ranks playing Valorant online and now I’m part of Fnatic.

How much training do you have to put in?
The training is constant. It’s like anything where you aspire to be very best you can – you gotta train hard. There will always be someone else who’s out there who's looking to take your spot in the team, so we need to make sure we’re putting in the maximum amount of effort to stay at the top of our game.

What’s the atmosphere like at big esports competitions?
It’s immense. There’s usually a lot of hype and expectations that start to build up that add to the whole feel of the event. Putting on a great performance is on my mind as well – doing whatever it takes to win and please the fans.

What’s your all-time favourite game and console?
It’s gotta be H1Z1* on the PC. I’ve met so many close friends playing that game. My favourite console? It has to be the PlayStation 2. It was the first console I ever bought and the games bring back such great memories of my childhood. (*HIZ1 is a battle royale, first-person shooter where players can play in teams, or solo, with hugely customisable weapons, skins and gear.)
Jake Howlett (Boaster) from Fnatic | ASOS Style Feed

Name: Jake Howlett
Player name: Boaster
Plays: Valorant Pro

When did you realise you could start gaming professionally?
I already knew that there were career opportunities in the esports world, I just needed to get there! Before Fnatic, I was already competing at the top level.

What does your training routine look like?
I’m on my PC every day. Valorant is so competitive, and the game mechanics change a lot, so you’ve got to be up-to-date with all the new stuff. I‘m with the team five to six days a week, working from 10am to 6pm. After that, I go home, eat, go to the gym and play some more!

How would you describe your personal style?

I wear a lot of game merch – T-shirts with my favourite characters on them. I do love tie-dye as well, though.

If you weren’t a pro gamer, what would you be doing?
I’m not really sure, but when I have enough money, I’d like to start my own design company – mainly to make shirts I wanna wear myself!. Other people can buy them if they want, but really, it’s for me.
Donovan Hunt (Tekzz) from Fnatic | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: Fnatic

Name: Donovan Hunt
Player name: Tekkz
Plays: FIFA

How did you get to becoming the best FIFA player in the world?
I didn’t know anything about pro-gaming and esports until I started beating professionals casually. It was actually my mum that looked into some official tournaments for me and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

So, how long do you train for?
It really depends on which game you're competing in, but when I first started playing FIFA, I played for 10 hours a day. Game time does drop, but before big tournaments, I'm on those 10-hour sessions again.

What are you wearing while you’re gaming?
The comfiest clothes I can find! Anything like a pair of jeans is totally off-limits for me. When I’m not gaming, I like wearing oversized tops, bright trainers and skinny trousers.

Do you have a favourite game and console?

Fortnite is in its prime, that game is just levels above anything else at the moment. My fave console is the Xbox 1.