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Sassy and sweet, fearless and fabulous... There are many sides to Christine Quinn. She’s the woman who consistently brings the looks and the drama on Selling Sunset, and now she’s in the beauty biz with a sparkling (srsly, check out the highlighter) new makeup collection with Ciaté London. To mark the collab dropping on ASOS, we sat down with Queen Christine. Buckle up and prepare for lots of lols, life advice, beauty secrets and some Selling Sunset S4 goss that’s worth... $75 million? 😉 

How did you first get interested in makeup and beauty?

I have always been interested in it since I was a little girl. My mom was all-natural, she never wore makeup or did skincare, but my aunt and my grandma were always the glam ones. I also grew up watching television and films with actors like Marylin Monroe and Jerry Hall in them, and I just always thought their look was so fabulous. We didn’t have big makeup stores back then, so I would go to CVS and play!

Love that. How did you master and perfect your technique when it comes to makeup? 

When it comes to makeup, I'm constantly changing it up, playing with new trends, and I think that’s what’s so exciting about makeup and the beauty industry, in general.

Can you tell us a little bit about your collection with Ciaté?

I think that, as women and men, we are all multi-faceted. For me, I have a sassy side – you know, my villain side – and then I have my sweet side, which is very Barbie- and doll-like. In this collection, we wanted to capture both sides of me. And that’s really how this came together. Take our transforming lip cream – it changes colours with temperature, from cold to hot!

How would 'sweet Christine' use the collection versus 'sassy Christine'?

I feel like I'm 'sweet Christine' today, so we used the mauve and a ton of the highlighter. Then I used some of the lighter shades, like the pinks and shimmers [from The Boss B*tch eyeshadow palette]. 'Sassy Christine' would do a red lip along with my plumping lip gloss. Then I would darken up the shades a little bit, and use the browns and some of the golds that we have in the collection, as well.  

This might be a tricky question, but do you have any favourites?

My favourite is actually the highlighter. First, it was only meant for the face – brow bones, cheekbones – but I’m always running around changing outfits, so I grabbed it with me one day and I started using it all over my body. It creates this beautiful LA glow, and you don’t have to put a base or a lotion underneath.

What would you say is your biggest beauty regret?

I thought that if I looked beautiful on the outside, I would feel beautiful on the inside. It wasn’t until I became comfortable in my own skin that I realized it’s not about the amount of makeup you put on, it’s about loving yourself – everything else is just an afterthought. I want people to wear makeup because it makes them feel good, not because they think they need it.  
Christine Quinn is holding the Boss B*tch eyeshadow palette from her collection with Ciate London. | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: Ciaté

Do you have any other beauty secrets for ASOSers? 

SPF! On your face, PLEASE. It’s so important. I’m not saying stay out of the sun – I love being in the sun and laying out – but keep your face beautiful and young as long as you can with sunscreen.  

Your book 'How To Be a Boss B*tch' has just come out – congratulations! What’s your one piece of advice to all ASOSers trying to become a boss b*tch like you?  

Thank you! Yes, in my career especially, I was told no after no after no. So many doors were shut on me, especially as a woman interested in commercial real estate – sooo many men told me no, you’re not cut out for this. But I used it to fuel my fire. So my advice is take every ‘no’ and turn it into ambition.

Out of all your Selling Sunset castmates, who would you trust to do your makeup? 

[Christine laughs] No one! Oh my god, no one. [She pauses and laughs some more.] Next question. 

What kind of fashion can we expect from the new season of Selling Sunset? 

In season 4, I played with a lot of colours and had fun. I was pregnant most of the time, and I was wearing a lot of pinks and girly colours, a lot of pearls. In season 5, I mixed it up and started working with a lot of local designers and fashion students that I found online. Really talented people who don’t necessarily have a big following, but I wanted to give them a shot. I would say in season 5 my style is very street-style-esque. It has some of the best looks yet.  

It’s the #1 question among SS fans, so I had to ask... has Davina sold that $75 million house?  

Davina has not sold the house yet. [She laughs.] No, it’s hard working with unrealistic clients. We’ve all been there, we’ve all been there. It is what it is.