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Dry hair? Damaged strands? Split ends? If you answered "yep!" to all three, it's time you got to know Aveda’s latest innovation: the Botanical Repair range. A completely different kind of hair treatment, it actually repairs your frazzled locks thanks to a bond-building technology that took six years of research to create. Yep, instead of just smoothing over your hair, this eco-friendly range works to undo hair damage from the inside out. And, better still, you can use this innovative range in the comfort of your own home. 
Aveda Botanical Repair

So, seeing as they try out every hyped product and formula imaginable, we thought: who better to test the new Aveda range than our Face + Body buyers? Here’s what happened when they trialled the Botanical Repair range for a week... Spoiler: it's a salon-worthy finish 💁‍♀️

Frankie Gascoine, Assistant Buyer – Face + Body US
I have to confess, I'm one of those people who washes their hair every day, so I need products that are gentle enough to use on a daily basis – and this new range does just that! The Strengthening Shampoo is super lightweight but has a satisfying foam and really feels like you're getting a deep but gentle cleanse. I also used the plant-powered Intensive Strengthening Masque (Light), which gave my hair intense hydration without weighing it down. My favourite product from the range was the Strengthening Leave-in Treatment. You just apply it onto your hair when it's still wet and blow-dry as desired. The results? Ultra-smooth, stronger-feeling hair. 

ASOSers trial Aveda Botanical Repair

Lucy Banting, Buyer’s Assistant – Face & Body

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. It's somewhere between wavy and curly (for all you curl-experts out there, it's officially known as 2C hair) and I'm prone to frizz. This means that hydrating shampoos and conditioners work best for my hair type. That's why I was very excited to try the Aveda Botanical hair range, which is designed to strengthen, reinforce and protect hair from the inside out. Over the last week, I've been switching between the two conditioning products: I tend to use the Botanical Repair Masque when I have a few minutes spare, as it works best if you leave it in for about five minutes. But when you’re in a bit more of rush and have slept in just that bit too long, go for the Strengthening Leave-in Treatment, which also protects your hair from styling and heat. If you've got curly or wavy hair, this range is hydrating and while still being light enough to keep from weighing down your strands. My hair has been noticeably softer and my curls have appeared more defined and bouncy!
ASOSers trial Aveda Botanical Repair

Laura Kinyera, Established Buyers Assistant – Makeup Brands

Firstly: the whole range just smells amazing! After shampooing with the Strengthening Shampoo, my hair felt super clean without feeling stripped, and I noticed I was able to use less shampoo than I usually do because it lathered up so well (which also meant I didn't have to do my usual second wash). The Intensive Strengthening Masque (Rich) felt so luxurious to use and it definitely helped me cut down on my usual detangling time as it gave me a good amount of slip to help prevent breakage. My strands literally drank up the Strengthening Leave-in Treatment which, because of my super coily hair, was a big selling point. I've found that some products tend to just sit on top of my hair, but this hydrating treatment gave me the moisture my hair craves at this time of year, when our strands are particularly dry and dehydrated. So it's a big yes from me: I will definitely be incorporating this range into my long-term hair routine!
ASOSers trial Aveda Botanical Repair

Joanna Tether, Assistant Buyer – Face + Body

I’ve been using Aveda’s Botanical Repair range for just over a week, which is about four washes for me. I often get Brazilian blow-dries as I have naturally quite-curly-but-frizzy hair. As a result, though, it can really dry out the top layers and make my hair look quite frazzled. This range feels like using a salon-quality treatment at home. From the moment I washed out the products, I could feel an instant smoothing and strengthening of my hair, which is a definite selling point for me. I've used the Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Treatment each time I've washed my hair and the Intensive Strengthening Masque (Light) just once a week as an intense treatment (I left it on in a low bun for my WFH meetings). My results are super healthy, shiny – and the best part – strong hair that doesn't feel like it's being weighed down! 
ASOSers trial Aveda Botanical Repair