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Make no mistake, people: no step in your skincare routine works as hard as your trusty cleanser. And it's not just for removing makeup and cleaning skin, either – it can also hydrate dry (read: February) skin, unclog pores, protect against pollution, boost brightness, and, well, the list goes on. But finding the right one for you isn't easy. The best place to start? Identify your skin type and concern and pick the cleanser that suits it best. That's why we’ve put together a handy guide that helps you do just that. So, you can get the most out of your daily cleanse from here on out.
CeraVe SA Cleanser on ASOS

If you have dry skin... 
CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser
The latest launch from dermatologist-led CeraVe is a SA Smoothing Cleanser designed to treat dry skin. It hails salicylic acid as the hero ingredient, known best for treating blackheads by penetrating through lipid layers to unclog pores. However, this clever formula also keeps skin extra hydrated thanks to three essential ceramides (found naturally in your skin), which restore and strengthen the natural skin barrier and retain moisture. P.S. Use morning and night for the best results.
Garnier Pure Active Cleanser on ASOS

If you have oily skin... 
Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water Facial Cleanser
You might already be familiar with Garnier’s popular micellar waters, and this Pure Active cleanser goes the extra mile by targeting oily skin. Cleansing and purifying agents lift away any dirt, makeup and excess sebum from the skin, but without stripping your complexion of the healthy oils your skin actually needs. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use around the eyes and lips without needing to rinse your face (just use a cotton pad).
Pixi Vitamin C Cleanser

If you have dull skin... 
Pixi Vitamin C Juice Cleanser
If your skin’s feeling a little lacklustre this winter, you’re not alone – the colder weather and exposure to central heating wreaks havoc at this time of year. Not ideal. Thankfully, Pixi’s Vitamin C Juice Cleanser is guaranteed to give your skin a brightness boost. The no-rinse cleanser uses stable Vitamin C - the acid known for its potent antioxidants - to wake your skin up, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to go!
Shiseido WASO Gentle Cleanser

If you have sensitive skin... 
Shiseido WASO Quick Gentle Cleanser
Alcohol and oil-free, this Gentle Cleanser by WASO – Shiseido's sister brand – is made with honey and royal jelly extracts to remove makeup and excess grease. It’s also packed with amino acids, minerals and vitamins to protect moisture levels.
bareMinerals Clay Cleanser on ASOS

If you have combination skin: bareMinerals Poreless Clay Cleanser
Dry in some areas, normal in others with an oily t-zone – sound familiar? New to bareMinerals, this Poreless Clay Cleanser targets pores using exfoliating superfruit acids and prebiotics to give combination skin a healthy-looking glow, reducing excess oil and shine thanks to chia seed extract. Meanwhile, a host of naturally derived superfruits (like noni and bilberry) help to minimise your pores and keep skin hydrated. Use this cream-based cleanser every day with the brand's essence and moisturiser, and your skin will thank you (and us!).
Lixirskin Electrogel Cleanser on ASOS

If you have city skin... 
Lixirskin Electrogel Cleanser
If you live in a city or commute to one, protecting your skin from pollution should be top of your list of skincare priorities. The solution? This high-tech Electrogel cleanser by Lixirskin. It works its magic via a negatively charged formula – for the science nerds out there, that means it captures and eliminates pollution nanoparticles and free radicals in the air. Basically, as a result, your skin is protected and your pores deeply cleansed at the same time.
Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleanser Oil on ASOS

If you have normal skin... 
Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil

The term ‘normal skin’ simply refers to a complexion that is not too dry, not too oily, and with barely any visible pores. Sound like you? Firstly, lucky you. Secondly, if you don't have a specific skincare concern, you can’t go wrong with Bobbi Brown's bestselling cleansing oil. Thanks to a long list of soothing, skin-boosting ingredients – kukui nut, white water lily, goji berry and jasmine flower, to name a few – it keeps your skin nourished throughout the day. The best part? It tackles long-wearing eye makeup (including waterproof mascara) and creates the perfect base for applying your makeup after and getting a glowy finish. Win. 
Deramalogica Cleanser on ASOS

Pictures: ASOS

If you have irritated skin... 
Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser

If you’re looking for something that’s gentle on your skin but still gets the job done,  Dermalogica – the cult US skincare brand developed by dermatologists – is the one for you. Free of irritating chemicals, this pH-balanced, non-foaming cleansing cream has an ultra-calming effect. In addition, it strengthens the skin’s protective barrier without leaving any residue, reducing redness as it goes. Basically, there's nothing it can't do. Top tip: if your skin's breaking out or is really sensitive, use a cloth or sponge to remove the formula.