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From retinoids to acids, my fave beauty products are usually science-inspired and lab-made – the more they sting, the better. But with all this buzz about natural products reaching fever pitch, I’ve decided it’s high time for me to get back to basics with my line-up. And what better place to start then with some delicious foodie ingredients? After all, if it's good enough to go in my stomach, it’s good enough to put on my face and hair...
Eleanor Dunne Beauty Test Drive | ASOS Style Feed

While I'd love to be one of those people who artfully mixes a few ingredients in a bowl to create amazing beauty concoctions, when it comes down to it I really CBA. Thankfully, there are lots of brands doing the dirty work for me, and I put six of their products to the test to see if I can add a tasty touch to my regime. Keep scrolling to see how I got on.
Ginger & Tumeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask by Hello Fab | ASOS Style Feed

Ginger and turmeric might be a combo you normally put in a curry, but I've heard they're also a great duo to make your skin radiant. So I tried First Aid Beauty's jelly mask, which combines the two spices with a nice dose of vitamin C and a pinch of beetroot extract. After cleansing in the morning, I slap lots of it onto my face, leaving it on as I have breakfast, and washing it off before I put on makeup. Its cooling formula makes my skin feel revitalised, awake and ready for the day. After a few uses my face feels super soft and smooth, and there’s a nice noticeable glow that's garnered me a few compliments *blushes*. Top marks.

First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Ginger Tumeric Mask
Aveda Cherry Almond Shampoo and Conditioner | ASOS Style Feed

Next up, I tried the Aveda cherry and almond shampoo and conditioner. In keeping with our food theme, it’s got coconut-derived ingredients, babassu and almond oil, all of which injected my tresses with a dose of moisture. The ingredients are 98% naturally derived, which means there isn't a sulphate in sight. The result is shiny, soft hair that is seriously bouncy and smells delicious. I'll be bringing the travel essentials kit on my next hol – it comes with a handy texture spray as well. 


Aveda Soften & Shine Cherry Almond Travel Essentials

Yes to Cucumbers eye patches | ASOS Style Feed

The Yes To Cucumbers eye kit is supposed to remove eye bags, so naturally it was the first thing I reached for in the morning after a late night out. It comes with two masks; the first decreases puffiness and smoothes the eye area, and the second banishes dark circles and brightens the skin. Afterwards, I look like I’ve had 12 hours sleep instead of four. Ideal...


Yes To Cucumbers 2-Step Eye Mask Kit

Garnier Ultimate Blends Vegan Hair Food Banana 3-in-1 Dry Hair Mask Treatment 390ml | ASOS Style Feed

Our Face + Body team are obsessed with the new Garnier Ultimate Blends Vegan Hair Food, and I've been keen to try it for a while now. There are lots of fruity flavours, from coconut to papaya, but I went with banana. You can use it as a normal conditioner, a mask or just leave it in after washing... I’ve done all three, and the result is always the same: shiny, healthy-looking hair that smells amazing. Plus, at £7, it’s a super affordable way to give your hair a healthy lift. Sweeeet.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Vegan Hair Food Banana 3-in-1 Dry Hair Mask Treatment
Origins Anti-Ageing Plantscription Serum | ASOS Style Feed

Anti-ageing products can leave my skin feeling tight and looking blotchy. So for something a bit kinder, I tried out Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum. It contains lots of gentle nourishing ingredients like lemon peel and mandarin oil, plus raspberry and coffee extract. The best part? It sinks in straight away so I don’t need to wait for it to dry before I put on makeup in the morning. When applying it in the evening, I use a few drops of Elemis Superfood Oil to really give my skin a proper five-course meal. Whether or not I’ve found the elixir of youth remains to be seen, but my face feels smoother and looks plumper after a few uses.


Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum

Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque | ASOS Style Feed

Coco & Eve's Coconut and Fig Hair Masque comes in a fancy box with a handy de-tangling comb, making it great gift for someone (especially yourself). After shampooing, I use the comb to spread it evenly on my hair, leaving it in for 10 minutes before washing out. Or I’ll keep it in for a couple of hours if I'm having a self-care Sunday moment – or even overnight and wash it out in the morning. My mane feels stronger and sleeker and my split ends appear to be getting better. Not quite a replacement for a hair cut, but a good way to keep my locks looking healthy between visits to the hairdresser.


Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque