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Whether it’s a day do, a multi-venue city festival or the full five-day camping experience, festival season is officially here. With Brighton’s The Great Escape kicking off from 9-11 May, we caught up with just a few of the amazing acts sound tracking the weekend to talk style and lifelong festival memories.
A picture of the band Body Type.

Cecil from Body Type (second from the right)

How would you describe your sound?

Hmm.... maybe melodic/ramshackle/alt/rock, swirling around a trash can


What's been your most memorable festival experience?

We just recently played this incredible festival in rural Victoria, about three hours from Melbourne, called the Grampians Music Festival. It took place in a valley between the most beautiful mountains and gorges with lots of wildlife making special guest appearances. Being on stage and looking out on such a sight was very memorable.


What's your must-have item in your festival wardrobe?

My bright orange beret.


How important is style to you?

Style for me is just another fun way of showing my personality (minimal with a dash of kook). Very subjective! I do try and keep across what might be poppin' in the fashion world, but at the end of the day, it’s nice to feel good and comfortable in an outfit (especially while drumming)!


Give Body Type's single Stingray and the rest of the EP2 a listen for more, out now.

A picture of the R&B artist, Kaiit.


How would you describe your sound?

Honestly, I find it hard to put myself in a genre. My sound comes from all the things that inspire me, not even just music. It can be anything that gets my mind going. It’s chill, vibin’, and a little bit hip-hop.

What’s your most memorable festival experience?

Smino came down to Australia this year and I was his support act. He played Laneways Festival and there’s this one track where his whole crew comes on and the crowd is waving their hands. I was at the side of the stage just watching everyone freaking out and they were trying to get me up there for this one part of the song. I didn’t even think – I just ran up there, and it was just so cool being on stage with his crew, looking at the crowd and feeling all the love.

What’s your must-have item in your festival look?

This has been a work in progress but now I’ve learnt the ways of a festival-goer. If I go to festivals now, it’s because I’m performing, but I always need to make sure I’ve got my jacket with me. So, if it’s an all-nighter kinda festival, and you’ve just got your jeans and top for the day, it gets to night and I’ll just throw it on! It's gotta go with the outfit though! Also, honey comes in handy if my throat's a bit sore.

How important is style to you?

I think it’s one of the most important things to me. It’s a chance to express myself creatively so clothing and accessories really excite me. I get inspired by anything and I just want to put that into some sort of outfit. I love second-hand clothing and it’s so cool when you can actually manifest an outfit and find exactly what you’re looking for in a second-hand shop. You know, I’d rather pay $3 than $300!


For more from Kaiit, check out the EP Live From Her Room, out now.

A picture of the musician BABii


How would you describe your sound?

Like a sweet angel that could secretly beat you in a fight. It’s kinda like weird, soft-but-cute pop, that's also powerful and tough at the same time.


What's your most memorable festival experience?

There are actually so many! But the one that was the most special is the most recent. I went to Japan with Iglooghost he was playing a festival in a tiny, super-cute town surrounded by nature. We stayed in a traditional Japanese hotel with loads of other artists I like. At the festival we 100% blissed out, naturally full of serotonin. It's kinda hard to explain, but it was the best feeling I've ever felt.


What's your must-have item in your festival look?

Having worked at and been to so many festivals, I've learnt that being comfy is the most important thing – but you can also make practical look cool. I like having good shoes that will keep my feet dry and it doesn’t matter if they get muddy, like colourful hiking boots and something with loads of pockets or a bum bag, so I don’t lose all my stuff and I can still run around. Sounds boring but, in reality, you can look like a futuristic explorer and never feel uncomfortable, like an ultimate winner!


How important is style to you?

So important. The clothes I wear affect how I will feel and are also a reflection of how I'm feeling. I usually dress to look like things so I can be wrapped up in a character to make me feel more girly, or more powerful, or anything that makes me feel how I need to at the time. That can be anything from wanting to look like Sailor Moon, to looking like a big grey boulder or a Demolition Derby champion. I love being able to express myself with how I look – I think it's magic and it can entirely change your day.


BABii's debut album HiiDE is due for release 5 July. Check out the single CARNiiVORE, out now.

A picture of the Soul artist Amahla.

Picture: Courtesy of Amalah Music


How would you describe your sound?

In one phrase: vintage-inspired soul music. I'd say I sit somewhere between soul and indie at the moment, especially with the way the new songs I've written are going. My voice is soulful and I keep a strong focus on writing classic songs, but it's a little bit different, a bit more British, and it's got something to say. It makes you think a little.


What's been your most memorable festival experience?

When I went to BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend in 2012, you had to be 16 to get in without your parents. I wasn't, so I begged my mum to take me. I stayed up all night to win those tickets! We arrived and everything was good until about 4pm when my mum, sister and best mate all got ill and wanted to leave. I was like; 'I'm here to see Kanye, I'm not going anywhere', so I didn't. I watched his entire set with strangers and it was phenomenal. I've been to a lot of concerts but it's moments like that, where you just go with your gut and great things happen, they're the best experiences.


What's your must-have item in your festival look?

A good pair of high-waisted jeans. Good for the stage, good for grass, good for crowds – they're the one. Done deal.


How important is style to you?

Honestly, I'm still figuring out what my style is. Style in my music has always come naturally but the visuals around me have been a slower process of learning and evolving. But I'm working with a few people now who are helping draw out my personality and my messages much more! Ask me the same question in a month and we'll see where we're at. Hopefully high-waisted jeans are still involved...


Give Amalah's EP Consider This a listen now or catch her headline show at St Pancras Old Church, London, on 15 May.

A picture of the band SILVA

Picture: Courtesy of SILVA

Kerstin from SILVA (second from the right)

How would you describe your sound?

Eerie dream/synth pop mixed with eclectic drum beats, prickly guitar and dark basslines. We really like Hard of Hearing's description of our sound – "sun-kissed early evenings of Los Angeles to the murkier waters of a modern-day London."


What's your most memorable festival experience?

When we played Camp VC, an all-women's motorbike festival in Wales. We covered Lady Marmalade and it got pretty crazy. There was music, lots of activities – motorbike beginner sessions, skateboarding, yoga, climbing and bingo. At some point, I (bass and backing vocals) ended up in the mosh pit covered in Vans stickers. Shakira (drums) learned how to skateboard, Sylvia (vocals and synth) did an enduro session on a big motorbike, while Esther (guitar) drove the rest of the band away from the festival site to see an ancient, eerie-looking, lonely rock in the Brecon Beacons called Maen Llia.


What's your must-have item in your festival look?

A bum bag – crucial for festivals. Wear it close to your chest with all your valuables and ID in it! It doesn't get in the way like a tote or backpack can. Also, you're less likely to lose anything when it's strapped to you. Sylvia learnt this from experience when she got all her money stolen at Sziget Festival in her tent on the first day!


How important is style to you?

Style is important to me in the way that music is – it evolves. For me, it's an external product and an expression of my personal growth, my personality and life experiences. In a way, it's my visual diary – it's a way to look back. Basically, it's like when you bash out your summer 2015 playlist or a song that you made about your ex, and you get that nostalgic feeling and you also get to see how you've progressed through the years.


Take a peek at SILVA's new video here. Bonus – there are lots of ASOS pieces in the vid, too.