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Are you warm, cool or neutral? No we're not asking if you think the air con is on too high  we're talking undertones, aka the red and yellow hues beneath your skin, which are the key to finding your perfect foundation shade. It affects everything from the way you tan to the jewellery you wear – but there are (thankfully) plenty of ways to work yours out. And, since the latest Bobbi Brown foundation tailors its new shades to specific undertones, we asked the brand's Senior PRO Artist, Amy Conway, to create an easy-to-follow guide to get your base right, every single time. Over to you, Amy…
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‘When it comes to finding the foundation that’s right for you, it's all about intensity and undertone. Intensity changes throughout the year, depending on whether you've been on holiday or if you choose skincare with a higher SPF (which is why spring and autumn are great times throughout the year to check your foundation shade). However, your undertone stays the same all year round.

Your undertone, which is different to your skin tone, is made up of one, or a mixture, of two colours at the base of your skin – red and yellow. If you have predominantly more yellow in the skin, you are a warm undertone. And, if you have more red, you are a cool undertone. A perfect balance of both? Your undertone is neutral.

To figure out what yours is, check out your body; your arms, in particular – do you see more yellow or pink tones? Then, think about the way you naturally tan: do you go more olive and golden? Or, pinkish and deep cinnamon? And if you still can't see, turn over your arms and look at the colour of your veins on your wrist.'

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‘If you have a cool undertone, you will see a fair, pink and rosy tone in light/medium skin and a deep cinnamon and reddish tone in a medium/dark skin. When you tan, you'll notice you go more rosy, as opposed to golden. And, when you look at your veins, you will see a purple/blue colour coming through. The clothes that suit you best? Blues, lavender, rose and grey – and as for jewellery, you tend to choose silver over gold.’

Shades to choose from: Cool Almond, Cool Beige, Cool Chestnut, Cool Espresso, Cool Ivory, Cool Natural, Cool Sand, Cool Walnut

‘If you have a warm undertone, you will see a pale, yellowish tone in light/medium skin and a peach, golden or olive tone in medium/dark skin. You will also notice your tan looks really golden, so you suit cream, coral and olive shades best. And, if you look at your veins, they appear green.’

Shades to choose from: Warm Almond, Warm Beige, Warm Golden, Warm Honey, Warm Ivory, Warm Natural, Warm Sand, Warm Walnut

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‘A neutral tone is a perfect balance of both, so if you’re looking at your skin and you can't see a predominant shade, you'll be neutral. You'll find you sometimes burn and sometimes tan, so it's a mix of both and you'll find your veins have more blue in them.’

Shades to choose from: Neutral Almond, Neutral Chestnut, Neutral Golden, Neutral Honey, Neutral Porcelain, Neutral Sand, Neutral Walnut