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5 charcoal beauty products to try

Next up on the weird-ingredients-to-add-to-your-beauty-routine list, activated charcoal. You may have only come across charcoal in your kohl eyeliner thus far, however, this ashy item is rated super highly in the beauty world for its detoxifying and cleansing magic. Sounds good, right?

A range of activated charcoal beauty products sold on | ASOS Fashion & Beauty Feed

From snail mucus to egg whites, I’m all in for introducing quirky cosmetics to my daily regime. So when I heard the call for ‘activated charcoal’ volunteers, my hand shot up. Now, I’m letting you into the secrets of five mega ‘coal buys that you should totally try at home…

Oh K! Deep Clean Multi Step Mask With Charcoal | ASOS Fashion & Beauty Feed

The mask

First up, a three-part sheet mask that will leave your cheeks sweet. To begin, use the luxe-lather cleaning wash to get your skin prepped before applying the bamboo charcoal mask. After chilling for 10-20 minutes, you will have said goodbye to hovering toxins. Finish with a generous layer of moisturising serum.


Oh K! 3-Step Mask, £7

Nügg Charcoal Face Mask x 1 9ml | ASOS Fashion & Beauty Feed

Pot luck

Skin detoxing doesn’t come smoother than this cream mask from Nügg. Use your fingers to apply the mask onto your face (doubling up on your layers for a thicker application) and focus right around your eyes and mouth. Then, let the charcoal, oatmeal and tea tree oil combo refresh your skin.


Nügg Charcoal Face Mask, £3.99

Yes To Tomato Charcoal 2-Step Nose Strip Kit | ASOS Fashion & Beauty Feed

Deep cleanse

Focusing in on blackheads, Yes To are repping activated charcoal in its 2-step nose strips. This breezy beauty pack comes with a cleansing swab to clear your skin before applying the ‘magnetic’ strip. After 10 minutes, the pad will be pretty solid so pull carefully and watch the dirt flee. Yes!


Yes To Tomatoes 2-Step Nose Strip Kit, £4.99

Sister & Co Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish 60ml | ASOS Fashion & Beauty Feed

Sweet tooth

When you’re at one with toothpaste, the idea of brushing a thick, charcoal polish around your mouth is scary AF. But, with the backing of online reviews and a love of the brand Sister & Co, I went for it. With a dry brush, you can use this just like your normal ‘paste – the difference? A brighter after-effect.


Sister & Co Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish, £27

Sister & Co raw coconut and activated charcoal sugar scrub | ASOS Fashion & Beauty Feed

Pictures: ASOS

Hey, sugar

Some beauty bits are worth taking up to luxe-level and body scrubs are one of those things. Upgrade to this raw coconut and activated charcoal sugar scrub and you’ll be in exfoliation heaven, we promise. Sure, the scrub is a little darker (rinse with a light body wash after use) but the results will leave your face and body fresh-as.


Sister & Co Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Sugar Scrub, £27