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For the latest edition of Staff Style, we chatted to Black ASOSers living in the UK during Black History Month (October in the UK, FYI) about their style inspo and why they're proud to be Black 🙌🏽 And it doesn't stop there – scroll on for some fire ASOS DESIGN 'fits, the lowdown on our ASOSers' careers and the must-have items they'll be adding to their fall/winter closets.

Kamaria stands against a grey wall in a black blouse with a single button, black mini skirt and black heeled boots | ASOS Style Feed


How would you describe your style?
A 90s/00s babe 💫 A lot of my style is influenced by that era. Having short hair helps me with my personal style, too.
What makes you proud to be Black?
Have you seen us?! Black is soo beautiful. We’re radiant. We glow in the sun; our skin is ‘just like pearls’, as Beyoncé says. The fact that we’ve contributed to so much success in this world, whether it's recognized or not, makes me proud. The fact that I can say I’m a Black woman makes me proud.
Must-have item for autumn/winter?
A hat! As I’m rocking short hair, hats are essential, especially in the UK.

Kamaria is wearing:

ASOS DESIGN satin shirt, $40

ASOS DESIGN low rise mini, £36

Similar: ASOS DESIGN Ratio boots, $55

Charis stands on a road in a mesh purple long-sleeve top with a swirl print, black leather-look trousers and black chunky boots | ASOS Style Feed


What do you do at ASOS, and what are your career plans?
As a stylist in the ASOS Studios, I work on all e-com imagery and in-house shoots. As well as styling for ASOS DESIGN and other brands, I hope to branch into styling for TV, music videos and working with artists as their personal stylist.
What's your style like?
A real-life Bratz doll who's the fifth member of the Cheetah Girls!
Why are you proud to be Black?
To me, Blackness is being part of a community of such rich cultural stories and narratives, having ancestors who have had to struggle but have survived, thrived and made me who I am today. I believe I can achieve anything because of what has already been achieved by our community.


Charis is wearing:

ASOS DESIGN mesh top, $20

ASOS DESIGN leather-look pants, $58

Similar: Public Desire Karma knee boots, $71

Ebony stands against a white wall in a pink and brown plaid suit, with a brown crop top and white and pink Nike trainers | ASOS Style Feed


Where do you get your style inspiration?
Other people! I'm constantly people-watching and admiring the way others express themselves, which inspires me to experiment further. Especially living in London, there are so many one-of-one types out there who really own their looks, no matter how different.
What do you do at ASOS?
I work on all the editorial content and copywriting across the business, which includes the push notifications you get from our app (have you turned those on BTW?!), newsletters and of course the Style Feed... Hi 👋🏽
What makes you proud to be Black?
Being a part of such a beautiful, diverse and connected community. I'm half Black and half Asian and I love that there are so many beautiful forms of Blackness. I feel so welcomed and so loved among my Black co-workers, friends, family and strangers alike. 


Ebony-Renee is wearing:

Similar: ASOS DESIGN blazer in brown check, $93

Similar: ASOS DESIGN suit pants in brown check, $64

Similar: ASOS DESIGN corset top in mocha, $35

Similar: Nike Air Force 1s, $110

Marura stands in front of a fence in a baby blue blouse with an open front and single clasp, with black wide-leg jeans and trainers | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: ASOS


What makes you proud to be Black?
A lot of things, but mainly seeing my people’s abundant creativity, excellence and resilience.

What do you do in the ASOS tech space and how do you plan to progress?
I’m a software engineer, and I’d love to move my career towards working with tech outreach programmes that ensure the tech industry becomes more accessible to young Black girls everywhere ✨✨

Your must-have item for fall/winter?
Knee-high boots!


Marura is wearing:

Similar: ASOS DESIGN black satin shirt, $29

ASOS DESIGN low-rise 'relaxed' dad jeans, $54