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The second drop of ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves is here 🎉 🎉 and, ICYMI, it’s full of brand-new style steals at seriously wallet-loving prices 😍 So, who better to style out all that new-new than Insta fashion-and-beauty queen, Lottie Tomlinson ✨ As well as peeping her fave day, night, and everything-in-between looks, keep reading for an update on her style secrets, life with a VERY famous brother, and some tip-top fake tanning tips (she is a bronzing genius, after all).
A picture of fashion and beauty blogger Lottie Tomlinson wearing a black leotard set matching heels. Both available at ASOS as part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection | ASOS Style Feed

Have you always been into ASOS DESIGN?
Yeah, I’ve always been into ASOS DESIGN, I’ve been shopping here since I was really young, so it’s a real honour to be shooting for this new collection. It’s good-quality, accessible and affordable stuff – I’ve always been a fan, definitely.

What are your favourite pieces ATM?

I love this black leotard set and the mom jeans with an off-white long-sleeve top with a collar – I think that looks really cute. Oh, and there’s this black midi dress with nice lace sleeves that I’m def gonna wear on a night out soon. There are loads of really nice pieces to be fair.

What would you say is the best thing about the range?
It’s full of styles that you can easily dress up, which I love to do anyway. It’s such good quality, it’s really affordable and I think there’s something that will work for everyone in here.
A picture of beauty blogger Lottie Tomlinson wearing  a black bralet and beige joggers by ASOS DESIGN. Part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection

How would you describe your personal style?
I think it’s quite simple, but I love to accessorise. I like to jazz looks up with jewelry, bags and shoes. My go-to look is always quite casual, but I often switch things up with a heel. My style’s always changing – I used to be into sporty looks, but now I find myself going for more of a classy kinda vibe, probably because of my age. My personal style has definitely changed as I’ve got older.

Where do you find your own style inspiration?
Instagram, mainly. I’m scrolling through just picking out looks I really like. Influencer trips are great for that too – I love to see what the other girls are wearing. I don’t actively seek out any kind of inspiration, I just kinda figure it out as I go along.

You mentioned that you’re a self-confessed ‘tanning geek’ – what are your top tanning tips?
A good tanning tip would be: prep your skin before you start, because that’s how you get a nice, even, long-lasting finish. Exfoliate, moisturise, and try and before you start, find the right shade for you. So, for instance, I would start with medium shade and then just add more if I wanted a deeper finish.
A picture of fashion and beauty blogger Lottie Tomlinson wearing a pink crop top and a metallic mini skirt. Both available at ASOS as part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection | ASOS Style Feed

If you’re totally new to tanning, how do you find the right shade for you?
I think in terms of product, there’s definitely a bit of trial and error at first, but my best bit of advice would be it’s always best to use your own skin tone as a benchmark and gradually build up from there. If you have a light complexion, don’t go straight to dark – just build it up.

You’ve got a huge beauty following on Insta, how did you get started in that scene?
So, originally, I always wanted to be a makeup artist but when I was 15, I didn’t get into Sixth Form at school. So, I went to assist my brother’s [One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson’s] hair and makeup team while they were on tour and I ended up staying on the team for the next two years – for the whole of his band’s world tour. I got trained up and then once the tour was over, Instagram started blowing up and my followers kept growing and growing, so I kinda just fell into beauty blogging and I’ve been working on it ever since. So, of course, I feel very lucky to have had that chance to begin with.

What’s it like having such a famous sibling?
It’s funny because it’s kind of all I’ve ever known. For me, it’s just amazing to have seen Louis do so well and share things with him like going on tour to support him through it. We’ve all kind of gone on the journey with him as a family, which has been amazing.
A picture of fashion and beauty blogger Lottie Tomlinson wearing a black bodycon midi dress. Available at ASOS as part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection | ASOS Style Feed

What’s the best memory you have of being on tour?
It’s not really one memory for me, it’s the memory of all the different places I’ve seen. I’ve visited some amazing cities in countries that I would never have thought about visiting before, and I love being surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed them.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in the beauty industry?
Well, my mum was a midwife and I always used to look up to her when I was younger. We’re all really maternal in our family and we love kids, so I think I would have gone down a similar route.

How did lockdown affect your style?
I dressed a lot more casually. It was all about the loungewear – I basically forgot what it was like to wear real shoes or heels because it was just slippers and sliders all the time. It was nice stripping my style back for a little bit and getting really into comfies. I’ve always been into causal looks – but I am enjoying putting outfits together again now.
A picture of fashion and beauty blogger Lottie Tomlinson wearing an oversized check shirt with a black, ribbed co-ord. Available at ASOS as part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: ASOS

We also asked Lottie some VERY IMPORTANT quickfire questions – check them out below.

Trainers or heels?

Dresses or tracksuits?

Dresses? Yeah, dresses, I do love getting dressed up. There’s nothing like getting a nice dress and going out and feeling good.

Dress up or dress down?
Probably dress down – I know I’ve just contradicted myself there, but more often than not, it’s dress down.

Bum bags or handbags?

Eating out or takeaways?
Ohhh, that’s a tricky one… takeaway. I love sushi, pizza, curry, Chinese – I just love ’em all!

Insta or TikTok?

Cinema or Netflix?


Pool or beach?

Pool… I think. Sand kinda bothers me on the beach – I do love a beach day or a beach club, but I prefer being able to have a dip in the pool.

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