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Former Disney star Dove Cameron has a lengthy IMDb profile which includes TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel Rising, a guest spot in Shawn Mendes’ Believe video, a role in Jennifer Aniston’s Dumplin’ — oh, and musical theater aplenty, including Hairspray Live! with BFF Ariana Grande. For their latest issue, ASOS Magazine caught up with the actress — check out excerpts from the convo below and get your copy now to see the rest, plus interviews with Khalid and Mabel.

On shedding her Disney image...
Even on the TV show, I never felt minimized. I never felt made to be really young, made to be innocent or one-dimensional. I could do tons of films under contract with Disney. They’re like a liberal parent! It’s society’s idea of what a young female star is that I have had a harder time overcoming.

On dealing with her father's suicide...
It was soon after my dad died that I developed my eating disorder because it was my way of controlling… I don’t know if it ever was about looking thin, but I was convinced that I had to be thin in order to be loved by a boy. I was trying to fix my relationship with my dad, so growing up with all of that confusion, whilst being in the spotlight — I got my Disney show six months after he died — I was probably at a point in my life when I looked the most stable, but was the least stable.

On anxiety...

I have had a lot of trauma, unexpected events that left a lasting effect. Murder [Dove’s best friend was murdered when she was eight], suicide, and mental health issues across the spectrum. So anything that looks like it could be like that, my body goes into small animal mode. I go to therapy to take care of my mind. I have trigger stuff. I get weird with crowds and have general anxiety. A lot of my fans do as well, which is why it’s important to talk about it. I’ll wake up and be anxious for no good reason… I’m learning how to deal with it, but anxiety is a personal thing — what works for one person is not what works for somebody else.


On her new album...
I don’t like to write sad songs. As heavy as life can be, I don’t feel a calling to exacerbate that. The music I love is anthemic, a bit cheeky, there’s humor. I love Marina and the Diamonds. I love Queen —Freddie Mercury had such a sense of humor. I loved The Dandy Warhols and St. Vincent. People who poke you behind your ribs.


Pictures: Olivia Rose, Styled by Natalie Michaelides

On her friendship with Ariana Grande...

I lean on her a lot. She FaceTimed me four days ago because I [needed advice]. I relate to her. We’ve both had great trauma and because she’s had so many of the same situations as me, it’s beautiful to ask her questions. She’s a good person. In terms of her career, that’s too big for me. I already feel overexposed. You want to keep doing what you love, but I’m quite shy and I like intimate things. She handles it so well and she’s so happy doing it.


On her ambitions...

Career speaking — which is not my main focus in life — I love doing film, I can’t wait to start my music. I want to do more musicals. I’d love to do the Wicked! movie but I don’t know how likely it is that I’d even get an audition. But I really, really, really want to be happy. I don’t think I want to do this forever. I want to have that human connection in the most honest way that I can, connect with artists I respect and fans who otherwise would be strangers. And I want to do work that I really like and that I have fun doing.