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King Princess's rise to prominence is a tale of modern-age music — her infectious songs, growing reputation and avid fanbase were all born online after her debut single, 1950, went viral. That set the bar pretty high, but the EP that followed, Make My Bed, proved that KP crafts ethereal bangers really, brilliantly well. Read excerpts from our interview with the New York teen below and get your copy of ASOS Magazine's Spring 2019 issue to read it in full.
King Princess shot by ASOS Mag | ASOS Style Feed


 On being the daughter of a music engineer 
"I grew up watching people succeed but also fail. You’d go in and there were bands sleeping on the couches and I’d come in and wake them up. I would sit there and listen — it’s really cool that I was given that gift as a kid by my parents, to witness music being made. I feel very grateful that they put me in a position where I could watch really talented musicians make shit, and now I’m passing that on."

On being labeled as a "gay icon-in-waiting"
"I’ve been thinking a lot about iconism and the legacies that I want to carry on. The world hasn’t seen a loud gay girl before — I’m as loud as any straight person would be and that confidence isn’t instilled in a lot of gay kids. [My team] have never said, 'Damn, maybe tone it down a little bit' and that’s what the new generation of gay icon has to be like. It’s not about battling oppression or the media anymore, it’s about existing and being a voice."

King Princess shot by ASOS Mag | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: Keith Oshiro, Styled by Jo Greasley

On social media
"I do think it’s important to get the word out, especially about voting, so if I can provide easier ways to help you register to vote or find out about social issues, great. But I don’t think yelling at people on the internet is fucking acceptable. In the gay community, policing how other people are gay is not for me. It is the antithesis of our community to tell someone what it means to be gay and what it’s like to be gay."


On the political climate in America
"We’re about to get super into a political renaissance right now. We’re going to have some amazing music coming out surrounding the political environment that encompasses our whole country. We’re going to keep making art to piss them off and then we’re going to get a better president 'cause people are going to vote in the next election."