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When it comes to color, menswear tends to favor a more muted palette — but for a few years now, highlighter hues have been slowly making their way to the top of the sartorial agenda. From Christopher Raeburn’s early neon building blocks and the fluorescent pieces at Prada’s FW18 show to the acidic color clashing seen on the FW19 men's runways, fashion has gone fully hi-vis. But we’re not suggesting you don some roadside assistance gear just yet — translating this is about adding statement staples and fresh accents to a well-curated look. Here are three ways to navigate this year’s neon trend...
A close up picture of an orange coat with a check zip-up jacket and neon green T-shirt underneath. Available at ASOS.

A picture of a neon-inspired outfit featuring a coat, jacket, T-shirt, sporty joggers and chunky

Orange appeal

Heard of dressing from the feet up? Here’s how. A flaming orange parka, lime green top and beanie and even flashes of yellow — you might think this outfit just happens to effortlessly work in all these power hues, but it’s no accident. This palette has been carefully picked out from the accent colors on these white Nike M2K Teknos. Add a charcoal jacket to smarten things up and you’ve delivered a masterfully coordinated look and an early lesson in fluoro color-clashing.
A picture of a man wearing a bucket hat, check shirt and neon T-shirt.

A picture of a man wearing a bucket hat, check shirt and a neon T-shirt with grey joggers.

OK glow

For some, the idea of giving your wardrobe a day-glo update may bring back memories of warehouse raves you’d rather forget, but we’re not talking glowstick territory this time around. The key to wearing neon now is balance; introducing just enough color to keep things interesting without going overboard. On its own, this yellow printed tee is pretty punchy, but worn with a cream shirt, a pair of loose gray joggers and some monochrome Vans, this psychedelic cut looks pretty casual. It’s an understated-yet-steezy outfit that’s so chill there’s even room for a bucket hat.
A close up picture of a reflective puffer jacket with neon green zip detail.

A picture of a man wearing a reflective puffer jacket  with neon green taping and check trousers.

Pictures: ASOS

Standout details

Not everyone is ready to go full-on in neon threads, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work it in elsewhere. Investing in some luminous acid accents and accessories is an easy way of freshening up your look without having to switch up your style. The electric yellow zip on this gray padded jacket is a subtle nod to trend that the right people will notice. It’s best to keep it techy here, so go for sleek pants and white socks on the bottom to segue into a pair of bold running sneakers. Nice.