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Released today, silver screen silver fox Harrison Ford reprises his role as the robot-hunting Rick Deckard for Blade Runner 2049. And with Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto also lending their looks to the line-up, it’s staking a strong claim to be one of the most stylish films of the year, even more so with futuristic utilitarianism enjoying a big moment in the sartorial spotlight right now. So, here’s five future-proofing style lessons we can mine from the must-see movie, and its classic 1982 precursor.

Jared Leto in Blade Runner 2049 | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: PR / Warner Bros

Say "oh yes" to the kimono

Rumor has it that constant menswear boundary-pusher Jared Leto brought his one-step-further approach to dressing to his first Blade Runner camera test, actually temporarily blinding himself to help bag his role as the sightless villain, Niander Wallace. So the fact that this blockbuster bad guy can look this stylish without the use of his eyes is all the more impressive. 

Street-style model wearing a black kimono | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: Getty

Those swept-back mid-length locks are on-point for FW17, but it’s that all-black kimono that’s got us applauding alongside brands such as COS, The Kooples, and visvim who’ve all signed up to this futuristic wrap-around trend lately. 

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: Rex

Clash of the patterns

It was always going to take something pretty special to get Harrison Ford’s '82 Rick Deckard to stand out through the dystopian megalopolis haze and the sea of leather-draped cyperpunks, whilst remaining one of the coolest on-screen protagonists ever sent back from the future. But he damn well managed it with a well-executed assault of convention-crushing clashing patterns.

Street-style model clashing patterns | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: The Urban Spotter

Throwing on a mishmash of patterns like that bestows nonchalant care-free feels unto you, but actually making them work together? Sure, it takes some effort, but when done right absolutely proves you know what’s up when it comes to dressing to impress.

Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049 | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: PR / Warner Bros

Get feelings for faux fur

With the way things are going in the outerwear game, every single one of us will be rocking a heavy borg-collared jacket, just like Ryan Gosling’s lead character Officer K, by the year 2049. The past few chilly seasons have been dominated by shearling bombers, parkas, denim jackets and more, and there is zero sign of the trend pit-stopping anytime soon. 

Street-style model wearing a faux-fur coat | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: Getty

Gos’ unfortunately-sopping-wet one here reeks of hardy old-skool military vibes thanks to shearling’s long association with the air force, but leaps forward by a couple of hundred years too, thanks to those thick and furry geometric lapels. Freshen up the look for FW17 in all-over teddy fur.

Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: Rex

Replicate this

Roy Batty, take a bow. Even 35 years on, and even with a crop of massive menswear stalwarts to contend with in the 2017 sequel, who’d dare argue that Rutger Hauer’s OG replicant bad boy isn’t still the best of the Blade Runner bunch? You’ve got those wide-legged pants with classic-looking sneakers, a fiercely utilitarian statement jacket and a shock of white hair providing an in-trend pop of color worthy of Frank Ocean or Zayn Malik. Yes Roy, son!
Street-style model wearing a longline all-black anorak | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: Imaxtree

Build this God-league look the holy shrine it deserves — or, more usefully, adapt it for present-day icon status with a longline all-black windbreaker and a marginally less intense dose of hair bleach.

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2049 | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: PR / Warner Bros

Lean green off-duty dad machine

And so to 35-years-later Deckard. He’s done it all. He’s seen a lot. His bod’s torn to bits from too many (unsuccessful) leaps from building to building, and probably still has his emotions massacred on a daily basis when Batty’s heart-wrenching "tears in the rain" soliloquy flashbacks into his head. So, who can blame him for now dressing more conventionally and relaxed? 

Street-style model wearing a camo jacket layered over a simple tee | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: Imaxtree

That said, while the chill combo of plain gray tee over a tasty military-style camo-green shirt, as well as that tightly-faded ‘do, gives off a casual and off-duty look, it also flashes some seriously cool "don’t mess with me, son" hardman signals, too. Still got it, Deckard. Still got it...