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Charlie Hunnam turns 37 today. The Newcastle-born, strangely accented, sometime "Sexiest Man Alive" favors simple jeans, checked shirts and well-cut suits when off duty, but has been chameleon-like on-screen since his debut nearly 20 years ago as nearly-always-naked Nathan in Queer As Folk. Here are some of his most stylish roles. 

Charlie Hunnam's most stylish film and TV roles - green street

Picture: Rex

Green Street, 2005

Retro zipped track jackets, oversized gray trench, skinhead haircut — Hunnam’s wardrobe as sports hooligan Pete Dunham in the flick Green Street could have swaggered straight off a Gosha Rubchinskiy catwalk. In a classic case of fashion’s cyclical rhythm catching up with itself, the last few years have seen the unstoppable high-fashion revival of the late '90s/early 2000s variant on the terrace look. Soccer scarves are everywhere, street-stylers are rocking Reebok Classics and Stone-Island gear is seen on everyone from Green Street soundtrackers Kasabian to Drake. All this means this charming hoodlum is now surely one of the actor’s most lauded roles.

Charlie Hunnam's most stylish film and TV roles – deadfall

Picture: Rex

Deadfall, 2012

Crime thriller Deadfall’s reviews were, shall we say, mixed. But one thing critics should have raved about was C-Hun’s quality lumbersexual look as ex-boxer Jay, as he navigates the wintry Michigan landscape with an on-the-run Olivia Wilde. It nails midwestern style — worn indigo hoodie and matching beanie, grandad tee and one of the best checked shackets we’ve ever seen. It gets five stars from us.

Charlie Hunnam's most stylish film and TV roles – pacific rim

Picture: Rex

Pacific Rim, 2013

Futuristic military bases set up to fight huge alien monsters require excellent standard-issue garb and Hunnam’s Raleigh Becket obliges. When he’s not topless, he slays both CGI and sartorial demons in white vests, khaki overshirts, blue cargoes, ribbed navy fisherman’s sweaters and chunky boots. It’s basically your platonic ideal of a good-quality basics arsenal. He also wears a fetching full-body articulated metal robot suit, but we won’t talk about that.

Charlie Hunnam's most stylish film and TV roles – sons of anarchy

Picture: Rex

Sons Of Anarchy, 2008-2014

Jax Teller is perhaps Hunnam’s most iconic role and his staple leather tank is a contender for the dubious title of the most iconic tank ever captured on celluloid — the only competition being Marty McFly’s red puffer. For something more wearable (although we’d never say that to Teller’s face), replicate the SAMCRO look with a customized biker jacket and make sure to include a plaid shirt for an extra shot of rough and ready Americana. His raw-denim baggy jeans and Wayfarers won’t hurt, either, and a knuckleduster or two finishes off the look with a literal punch. 

Charlie Hunnam's most stylish film and TV roles – Crimson Peak

Picture: Rex

Crimson Peak, 2015

Before he did Edwardian explorer style in his current blockbuster Lost City Of Z, Hunnam went old-fashioned in 2015’s gothic horror period piece Crimson Peak. His look as hero Alan McMichael was a masterpiece in brown — tan suede coat, chestnut suit, conker-toned leather gloves, chocolate-hued hat. Although that makes it the opposite of love rival Tom Hiddleston’s flashy black frock coats, the steampunk Victoriana that runs through the rest of the Guillermo del Toro fright-fest applies just as much to Hunnam’s costume, with little details like waistcoat chains and a Brylcreemed smart hairstyle elevating it to something quietly slick which eventually (spoiler alert) wins out.