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What is ASOS' company policy regarding Animal Welfare?

The ASOS Animal Welfare Policy applies to all products sold through any of ASOS's websites, including ASOS Brands, Brands, Outlet and Marketplace traders.

Suppliers must not use the following animal derived materials:

  • any part of vulnerable, endangered, exotic or wild-caught species
  • fur, including Mongolian lambs' fur or rabbit hair (including angora)
  • bone, horn, shell (including mother of pearl) and teeth
  • silk

Some animal derived fibres (alpaca, down, mohair, cashmere) have been permitted to be used in products from certain 3rd party brands. These brands have outstanding traceability practices and we can be confident that these products are produced from sources meeting our requirements.

In addition, they must:

  • Only source certain types of leather, wool and other animal hair as a by-product of the meat industry from suppliers.

Products (and all relevant components) on the ASOS Platforms must not be tested on animals.


  • In accordance with the EU animal testing ban that came into effect on 11th March 2013, brands selling cosmetic products in the EU through any of ASOS' websites must comply with the requirements of EU law.
  • Some beauty brands sold through, who also sell their products through other channels, may still be testing on animals if required by local market regulations. ASOS is committed to working with the industry to achieve a worldwide ban on animal testing.

Find out more information about our Animal Welfare Policy here.