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Although we’re not really going out-out right now, the latest drop of ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves is really making us want to 😫 You’ve seen Wes Nelson and Jordan Hames stylin’ earlier drops from the collection, and now we’ve got former Islander (and firefighter!) turned model/influencer Michael Griffiths showing us how to rep the newest max looks at min prices. Enjoy these 💯 pics from the latest Must-Haves shoot and keep scrolling to read about Michael’s larger-than-life attitude this year. Oh… and don’t forget to shop the new collection below.
Michael Griffiths in teal ASOS DESIGN satin shirt and wide-leg trousers | ASOS Style Feed

So, what’s a typical day in your life like?
Usually, I wake up at around 5:30am and it's gym time. I train for a couple of hours, get myself back home, shower, do some admin and then it's time to put some content out. Bear in mind, my life never used to be like this. Well, I always used to get up at 5:30 for the gym, but now the rest has changed because I'm working with a lot of different brands. It's just non-stop movements, content and events. It's all interesting though and you get to meet some very nice, interesting people.

Serious Q: how long have you been shopping at ASOS?
About seven, eight years? Since I was like 20. I've done it for so long! I used to get all my plain tops from there and now it’s my go-to for all my wavy shirts. I've always been a massive fan.

What are your favourite pieces from the ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection?
I have a couple. There's a mustard roll-neck jumper with a camel overcoat and black jeans. I like that look. Then there's a black leather jacket with a burgundy roll neck – and that’s a vibe cos you've got these boots with a metal point at the toe. Plus, we've got a couple wavy shirts as well.
Michael Griffiths in mustard ASOS DESIGN roll neck jumper and camel overcoat

Who are your style icons?
I don't really know; I just kind of dress like I feel. To be fair, I look at my friends and how they dress. But I would never go as far as wearing the same whole outfit. I put my own twist on things. I like the way Jordan Hames dresses, but I could never dress the same way as him!

This drop is all about going out. Since we can't really go out-out right now, what kind of things are you dressing up for?
Dinners really, cos that's all you can do. Or all-day brunch parties. Also, there's one velvet shirt with black jeans and black boots that made me think, ‘this would look perfect on a motorbike’ 🤷‍♂‍😂

You used to be a firefighter. How has that shaped you into the person you are today?
I think it’s shaped me in the way that I'm now a lot more disciplined. It’s also helped me in trusting myself. I think this is where my dressing comfortably comes in, cos now I just trust in myself. It doesn't really matter what other people think.
Michael Griffiths in black ASOS DESIGN leather jacket and a red roll neck jumper

Pictures: ASOS

We know you’re a proud dog-dad so what are your thoughts on matching your outfits with your pups?
I’ve actually done it before! I think, if the outfit pops, I would do it. I’d sit next to them in a hoodie, both of us with the hoods up, and get the same slogans printed on the fronts. You should honestly get dog clothes on ASOS. It would be sick. All the dog pictures you’d see would be ridiculous.

Finally, where do you see yourself in a few years' time?
I'm currently working on my own fitness business. I've always been into training – I've been a personal trainer for ten years – and it's been part of my life since I was a young boy playing football and professional basketball. It's the route that I want to propel forward for the younger generation to show them the importance of fitness and just how far it can take you.