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ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves, your wallet-loving wardrobe MVPs, have launched! Expect a whole line-up of exclusive looks at exclusive prices including the freshest trends and all your wardrobe MVPs. Now, a drop as massive as this needs an equally as massive star, so, drumrolls please, say hello to Wes Nelson, AKA Banter Lord of Casa Amor 🏝 drip deliverer and all-round nice guy. We chatted to Wes about the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves, the launch of his music career and how he’s perfected the DIY fade. Keep scrollin’ for the best looks and all the deets.
A picture of TV star Wes Nelson wearing a check shirt and grey joggers by ASOS DESIGN and part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection | ASOS Style Feed

Have you always been a fan of ASOS DESIGN?
Yeah of course, especially the last couple of years – it’s my go-to for essential styles. Saying that, ASOS DESIGN has everything really, from extra suiting to everyday stuff, and you always get your money’s worth, for sure.

How would you describe your personal style?
So, my personal style is… unpredictable. One day you might see me in a tracksuit, the next a nice turtleneck, and then you might catch me in some big drip. It all depends on how I’m feeling on the day, I just take each one as it comes. I don’t really plan outfits for events, I just have a selection and go for it, whatever I feel.

If you could only dress up or down forever, which would you choose?
Ahh… now you got me. Wow. Well, I do like buying some serious, serious, drip. I’ve been enjoying a few pieces lately – like today, I’m wearing the Dior Nike Air Jordans which are my favourites at the moment. So I think, probably, dress up – although, even my dress-up is a dress-down sometimes!
A picture of TV star Wes Nelson beige jumper and cord trousers by ASOS DESIGN and part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection | ASOS Style Feed

What’s been your biggest takeaway from spending time on TV’s most famous island?
I think just confidence. When you’re on the island, you don’t have your phone with you, so you’re just chatting constantly and finding out bit more about each other. You really do come out better for it. I think because I learnt a lot of people skills, that really helped my confidence, too. I’m getting into the music industry now and it’s taught me that anything’s possible, really. It’s been incredible, I’ve met amazing people and some lifelong friends; it’s been a very positive experience for me.

You briefly mentioned music – we’ve heard on the grapevine that you’re pursuing a music career. Can you tell us any more about that?
Yeah! So, on August 9th, I signed a record deal with Universal Music – which is crazy! Obviously, I’m super-proud because it’s been a long time coming for me. I’ve been meeting up with all the major labels and had interest from the big three, which is really nice when you’re just starting out. I settled on Universal, and now I’ve got an amazing team around me and we’re making some great music and videos together, and I’ve got stuff coming out real soon. I’ve been working with some incredible artists so, stay tuned!
A picture of TV star Wes Nelson wearing a varsity-style sweatshirt and purple cord trousers by ASOS DESIGN. Part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection | ASOS Style Feed

If you can put yourself in a genre, what type of music can we expect from you?
The first couple of singles sound more hip-hop/UK R&B and then going forwards, I’m trying a more universal R&B vibe with a pop edge.

What’s been the biggest change to your life since appearing on TV?

I honestly think the circumstances and the opportunities that I’ve been given. Things that I’d never have dreamed about have presented themselves. I’m most grateful for the creative side of things. I was a nuclear systems design engineer before all of this, so to come from that to doing photo shoots and going into music, being on TV has been the catalyst that’s ignited my creative side. I’ve always had one, I just needed that little extra push. So, yeah, from nuclear engineer to releasing my own music and being part of big shoots in fancy houses for ASOS – it’s been pretty crazy!

Has your career path changed forever now, or do you see yourself potentially going back to a job like that?
I think music is the only goal for me now. It’s a passion project – I’m not just trying to make a quick buck. I’ve turned down an eye-watering amount of money for TV opportunities and other shoots that just aren’t on brand for me and for my music. Luckily, decisions like that have already paid off in the shape of the record deal. It’s what I want to do for the rest of my life: the music, the fashion and the influencer side of things.
A picture of TV star Wes Nelson in a cord T-shirt and black cargo trousers by ASOS DESIGN. Part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection | ASOS Style Feed

What was the biggest lesson you learnt during lockdown?
My biggest lesson was resourcefulness and productivity. Before lockdown, I was going to the studio and paying money to record nearly every day. I was using a lot of equipment that costs a lot. But during lockdown, I realised that I don’t need all this fancy equipment and set up a studio-type sitch in Josh’s bedroom [Josh Denzel, another islander and Wes’s housemate] with my mic and other bits. It was expensive at first, but not as much as I was spending in the studio, and if I’m honest, I feel like the music I was producing in this spare room was better than the stuff that was coming out of the recording sessions!

What’s your grooming routine like?
So, I’ve got another lockdown story – over the past couple of months obviously all the barbers were closed, right? So, I taught myself how to cut my hair, which was very nerve-wracking because if I mess it up and I’ve got a shoot that week, I’d be in big trouble. I spent two or three weeks looking pretty dodge with the ol’ fade but after the fourth or fifth week, I started to get pretty good, and now it’s looking… fadelicious. I mean, I’ve turned up with it today, so I’ll let you guys be the judge of it. I just watched as many videos as I could and practised, a lot. I actually did it this morning, just to prove to myself that I still can!
A picture of TV star Wes Nelson wearing an oversized T-shirt and baggy-fit jeans by ASOS DESIGN. Part of the new ASOS DESIGN Must-Haves collection. Available at ASOS.

Pictures: ASOS

And finally, we asked Wes some VERY IMPORTANT quickfire questions – check them out below:

Joggers or jeans? 

Erm… joggers. I’ve spent a lot of time in them recently and they’re comfy AF so, yeah, joggers. 


Shoes or trainers?

Beanies or caps?

Eating out or takeaway?
I would have a takeaway Every. Single. Day. I’m a sucker for a pizza – you never get one and think: ‘damn, I really regret getting that pizza’.

Insta or TikTok?

Cinema or Netflix?

Netflix. It was my lockdown vice. I watched all three seasons of Stranger Things back to back. I mean, that’s bad. That’s three days in a row, and I did a season a day. It just stays on and then the next episode lines up 15 seconds later!

Pool or beach?

Beach. I just don’t think you can beat the sea and the sand – it’s never gonna get old and with the fresh air too, that sea breeze hits different to a pool. The beach is the OG pool! It’s been there for longer than any pool!