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With sunny climes set to stick around for a while, and seeing as it's peak holiday season, now’s the time to think about switching up your grooming routine to reflect the change in temps. To help, I tested five products all suited to keeping your skin and hair looking tip-top in spiking temps.
Summer skincare tried and tested

I put my face, hair and even the way I smell on the line, so keep scrolling for my verdict on products by grooming's greatest, from Clinique for Men to L’Oréal Men Expert.
Summer skincare tried and tested

Clinique For Men Oil Control Face Wash

Warm weather means a generally shinier face, especially after spending more than three seconds on public transport. Luckily, I got to test out Clinique’s oil control face wash. Ideal, because I’m usually pretty reflective come 3pm on any given day, let alone in the temperatures we’ve been seeing recently.

The verdict: A clear, gel-like consistency with a super-subtle fragrance (barely noticeable really). It left my skin feeling nicely refreshed and cleansed. Plus, there's news for any of you guys rocking a beard or shaving frequently, as it helps to soften stubble and hair pre-shave, too.
Summer skincare tried and tested

L'Oréal Men Expert Anti-Fatigue Quenching Gel

Doubling up on your shower time can dry out your skin even more than usual, so investing in a decent moisturiser is crucial. L’Oréal Men Expert’s Anti-Fatigue Quenching Gel is enriched with skin-loving minerals and anti-oil ingredients to reduce shine, as well as an extra icy-feel sensation thrown in, too.

The verdict:
Ideal for the tricky period when you’re trying to cool down against the clock post-shower. An added bonus is that the icy blast briefly tricked my mind into thinking I’m actually more awake in the mornings, too. The result? Softer and smoother skin, minus any greasy residue.
Summer skincare tried and tested

Tommy Now Aftershave

Smelling good is an important part of any routine and there’s no better time to invest in a new fragrance than the summer. So I gave Tommy Now, the recently released fragrance from Tommy Hilfiger a try. It's got top notes of bergamot and mandarin, mid scents of geranium, ginger and cardamom oil and a base of amberwood and moss – a winning formula, if woody scents are your thing.

The verdict: Considering this fragrance is part of the fruity family, I initially caught elements of a citrusy nature – very summery. During the day, the fragrance mellows to a more subtle scent so, in essence, you’re getting two fragrance experiences in one. Great for daily wear, for sure.
Summer skincare tried and tested

Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion Spray

Yeah, yeah, the bottle says ‘for soft sea-tossed waves’ and, with my hair length, I’m probably not the target customer. But sea sprays are great for giving shorter styles more texture instead of using clay or wax-based products that can leave your hair a little shiny in hot weather.

The verdict: Designed for medium to thick hair, the spray added volume and texture, both of which I lack after washing my hair, so consider that a win. It’s made from a tropical blend of coconut, mango seed and passion fruit oils, so smells amazing, too. If that wasn’t enough, the spray features added UV protection. Take that, summer.
Summer skincare tried and tested

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L'Oréal Men Expert Purifying Clay Mask

Enriched with charcoal that helps to draw excess dirt and oils out of your pores, and backed up with absorbing kaolin clay, this mask is designed to give you clearer skin with a matte finish after just 10 minutes. Big one on the Saturday? Add this to your Sunday recovery routine.

The verdict: Actually setting aside 10 minutes to work on my complexion was a first for me. I moisturise (of course) but anything other than that is a bit of a stretch. So, in the name of journalism, I applied the mask over my face (avoiding my eyes and mouth) and then kicked back for the duration, letting the charcoal and other ingredients do their pore-cleansing thing. Not only did I feel the benefit of doing nothing for 10 minutes, but my skin felt a deeper kind of cleansed. Super-cleansed, if you will. More use will prove the mattifying effect, I’m sure, but in terms of baby steps into the world of more indulgent pampering, it’s a great start.