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Tinnies at the ready, guys – we’re officially into festival season. Alongside up to 72 hours of partying with your friends, festivals are a great place to discover your next favourite band. So, to get you started, we caught up with four acts playing Brighton’s The Great Escape and quizzed them on owning their style and their fave festival moments.
A picture of Irish hip-hop outfit, Tebi Rex.

Picture: Courtesy of Word Up Collective

Matt Ó Baoill from Tebi Rex (on the left)

How would you describe your sound?

Our sound fluctuates. from summer bops to dark winter tunes that urge you to stare solemnly at raindrops on the bus window. Our main sound is alternative hip-hop - but you'll also hear influences from pop, dance, spoken word, lo-fi, and much more. Weird enough, I guess.


What's your most memorable festival experience?

Filling out the Little Big Tent on the Sunday afternoon of Electric Picnic in Ireland is something we will never forget. Personally, I loved when we played the IMRO stage the year before and the crowd were absolutely wrecking the place for our last song. Sorry about that IMRO, love you.


What’s your must-have item in your festival look?

Max (Zanga, the other half of Tebi Rex) is great for the accessory side of things; bum bags, matching glasses, headbands, the man puts in the WORK. For me, I rocked some mean vintage denim dungarees last year at Independence Festival in Cork. I think I'm going to wear them to every show this summer.


How important is style to you?

Massively. Our image is the first impression at a show. And we express ourselves through what we wear at every show. I have so many items of clothing that I keep strictly for Tebi Rex things that I don't wear at any other time. It's like our style feeds an alter ego or a story. It's an important aspect to any artist.


Give Tebi Rex's debut E.P. Welcome To The Darkest Year Of Our Adventures a spin, out now.

A picture of the band Birthday Card.

Picture: Courtesy of Birthday Card

Josh from Birthday Card (centre)

How would you describe your sound?

We like to describe our sound currently as melancholy pop, which combines elements of synth and dance-pop. However, recently we've been taking lots of inspiration from early noughties R&B groups and old-school garage music.


What's your most memorable festival experience?

I remember going to Glastonbury at around 13 – my uncle was playing that year and was kind enough to take me along, probably after me begging him to because N.E.R.D were playing. It was the first proper festival I'd ever been to and I remember being completely blown away by the sheer amount of people. I randomly bumped into Newton Faulkner, who asked me if I fancied a game of table tennis. He absolutely destroyed me. So Newton, if for whatever reason you see this: I want a rematch.


What's your must-have item in your festival look?

A cross-body bag for sure. I have a tendency to lose everything at festivals, so it's essential for me.


How important is style to you?

I think having a personal style is important, though finding that can be daunting at times. Style is often one of the immediate things that other people notice about you.
I’d say self-expression through styling is incredibly important, but I think this only comes with feeling confident in what you’re wearing and not being afraid to go against the grain.


For more from Birthday Card, give the new single Shy Away a listen on Spotify now.

A picture of the band Gender Roles

Picture: Courtesy of Gender Roles

Jordan from Gender Roles (far left)

How would you describe your sound?

Gender Roles is the hazy singalong soundtrack to a summer pool party with your best mates.


What's your most memorable festival experience?

Last year we played five shows at the Great Escape. It was a little much on our frazzled brains... but still a hoot! Our BSM Showcase at Sticky Mike's (pour one out, RIP, rocked but not forgotten) was a big highlight of that, absolutely packed and an amazing response! On a positive note, ending a month-long summer tour by packing our tent at 2000 Trees Festival to hundreds of singing fans is probably our band highlight so far.


What's your must-have item in your festival look?

The three of us are very much function before fashion and, purely due to the fact we constantly lose stuff on tour, we've got quite into bum bags. Always keep your shit in the bumbag and never take it off – you're golden. For Christmas, my dad got me an American flag bum bag from a charity shop (pictured above) and it's pure trash – I love it. Plus, ridiculous hats never cease to lift the spirits.


How important is style to you?

If style is a form of expression, and we are three people who enjoy expressing themselves, then style seeps into everything we do. Visually, I'd say we enjoy and appreciate colour and experimenting with unusual or interesting combinations. I think it not only comes across in how we present ourselves as people but also in our music videos and the merchandise we design. I guess, now I think about it, we like doing exactly the same thing with our music. How about that eh? Also, hair dye is expensive but Bennett (far right) keeps buying it, so, I guess that's something..?


Gender Roles currently have two EPs out right now, Lazer Rush and Planet X-Ray.

A picture of the rapper Just Banco.

Picture: Courtesy of Just Banco

Just Banco

How would you describe your sound?

I'd call it.. northern trap. Unique trap-influenced vibes but with a Mancunian twist.


What's been your most memorable festival experience?

Wireless Festival was mad. I played the main stage – I've never played to that many people before so it was a sick experience.


What's your must-have item in your festival look?

My glasses. Even though they don't stay on for long.


How important is style to you?

Very important. I just like to dress in stuff I like. I don't really follow the crowd, you know?


Check out Just Banco's new single Codeine On The Rocks, out now.