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NiNE8 is the London-based DIY arts collective to get to know in 2019. Made up of around 20 members in total, they make art and music, design garms and throw banging events. ASOS Magazine sat down with a few of the crew's key personalities to talk artistic process and future plans – grab a copy of the ASOS Mag Party 18 issue to read the full interview.

ASOS Magazine in conversation with NiNE8 | ASOS Style Feed

Picture: Jameela Elfaki, Styled by Joshua Gilmore

On how Nine8 began

Lava La Rue: Biig Piig, Mac and I were in music class together at college. We’d have little cyphers in my bedroom with a shitty mic plugged into a guitar amp and pass it around. Mac was already producing Bone Slim, we were all cross-referencing and ended up on a tune together. The cyphers turned into events. Lorenzo came to the first one and the first “Lava’s secret sessions” in 2016 – my 17th birthday.
Libaan: I’ve known Nige since year seven and got to know the whole collective when I started skating with Lava.
Nayana iz: I met Lava last summer and she introduced me to everyone.

On the music

Biig Piig: There are so many different sounds, hard-hitting energy. It’s not all jump up or chilled out, we fuse it together. We don’t limit what we create, we figure it out.
Lorenzorsv: I could have a trap beat with dark tones or do [my song] Summer Outro and you can vibe. [It’s] jumpy even though they’re contrasting sounds.
Lava La Rue: As a black working-class person coming up, there’s drill around me, but I’m queer and there’s not a lot of space within that genre. We’re creating fluid spaces where there’s co-existence from people from all parts.

On what's up next

Lava La Rue: More visuals, music, banging music videos. Everything on a bigger level. It would be sick to do our own festival.
Biig Piig: We’ve built something inside London but we’re hoping to push it outside.
Bone Slim: World domination… in a nice way.