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Since his roles in Netflix hits To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, Noah Centineo has been on the rise – as is clear from his Instagram following, which jumped from a few hundred thousand to 15 million in the last couple of months. For the latest issue of ASOS Magazine, we sat down with Noah to talk acting, sobriety and happiness. To get your hands on the full interview, though, grab your copy of the ASOS Magazine Party 18 edition here.
Noah Centineo in ASOS Magazine | ASOS Style Feed

On his sudden and growing fan base...

‘People are always looking outside of themselves to alleviate the weight of their day-to-day lives. That’s why religion is such a strong factor on this planet. Not that I am comparing myself to religion, but people idolise others and it helps to cover their inner wounds.’
Noah Centineo in ASOS Magazine | ASOS Style Feed

On his Netflix characters Peter and Jamey...

‘I’m playing really lovable characters, they treat women correctly, they’re emotionally available, they’re protectors who people maybe think are attractive. What’s not to like? I’m the closest thing they have to these characters so why wouldn’t they wanna know what’s going on in my life?’
Noah Centineo in ASOS Magazine | ASOS Style Feed

On becoming sober for a year...

‘I had done something that had hurt someone, under the influence, and I realised everything I had ever done that I regretted was under the influence of something. I was waking up depressed, anxious and unhappy. I was like, “Why? If I have shelter, food, as much water as I need, enough to even help others, why am I so upset, so empty?"'
Noah Centineo in ASOS Magazine | ASOS Style Feed

On being bullied at school...

‘It was tough. They would say terrible things about my sister. They would exclude me. If I tried to talk to anyone they would just make fun of me, brush off anything I said and make me feel like a fool. I’d pray the teacher would be at homeroom because I could sit with her and work on my s**t. If she wasn’t, I sat in the hallway by myself.’
Noah Centineo in ASOS Magazine | ASOS Style Feed

On dating...

‘I’m an in-real-life person. I got catfished gnarly by this girl a year and a half ago, I got completely fooled, thinking it was an ostensibly intimate conversation [in reference to intimate pictures that leaked online]. It completely wasn’t. So I’ll meet you in person and look you in the eyes now.’
Noah Centineo in ASOS Magazine | ASOS Style Feed

On happiness...

‘Ah, happiness is a fickle friend. What keeps me moving or in good mental health is good friends and knowing when to be alone. When to read, when to hide by myself, work out, eat as well as I can. Lots of water. Good sleep. These things don’t make me happy but they allow me to be happy when it decides to come.’

The Party 18 issue of ASOS Magazine is out now – get your copy here.