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At this time of year, keeping your skin, hair and beard (if you’ve got one...) in check is no easy feat.
Grooming Test Drive: Best New Discoveries | ASOS Style Feed

Tried and tested

To help you stay on top of your grooming game this season, the guys at ASOS HQ have trialled a range of fresh products to save you the effort – so, here’s a round-up of their best new discoveries.
Grooming Test Drive: Best New Discoveries | ASOS Style Feed

Alex, Junior Partnerships Editor

Don't be intimidated by its dark, creamy texture because this charcoal-enriched formula is more than your average beard scrub. The Get Groomed scrub from David Beckham's House 99 range has not only sorted my increasingly untamed winter beard, but it's also properly moisturised the skin hidden underneath it. As with most city-dwellers, the urban elements paired with the winter weather has done a number on my face, but my much-neglected skin felt properly cleansed after only two uses. 


House 99 Get Groomed Beard Scrub, £18

Grooming Test Drive: Best New Discoveries | ASOS Style Feed

Ashley, Junior Sub Editor

Having recently tested six hairstyling products, I thought I'd already seen the best ASOS has to offer. However, this "clay-wax hybrid" definitely gets two thumbs up from me. Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of the scent (it kinda reminds me of children's putty), but it's easy to work in and grips the hair firmly – making it an ideal option if, like me, you prefer matte/natural styles. Plus, it's made from 100% natural ingredients and a small amount goes a long way. Win-win.


Hanz De Fuko Claymation, £16

Grooming Test Drive: Best New Discoveries | ASOS Style Feed

George, Senior Cultural Marketing Coordinator

To start, I washed my face with a cleanser, then evenly applied the face mask on my cheeks, nose and forehead. Immediately, I noticed it had a very pleasant citrus aroma. I let it dry for around 15 minutes and then peeled the mask off in an upward direction. It wasn’t that easy to peel off, but it had a very refreshing effect on my skin, which was left feeling super smooth.


Barber Pro Face Putty Mask, £24

Grooming Test Drive: Best New Discoveries | ASOS Style Feed

Nic, Looped Junior Editor

I’ve already got a couple different Baxter products and they’ve all hit the mark, so I was keen to try the brand’s face wash. I don’t generally use a daily cleanser, as many have been a little too intense, leaving my skin feeling beat up rather than purified. But Baxter has come through once again. This wash was super gentle, with no exotic smells or textures added in, while still managing to banish the build-up of a long day from my face. Make sure you grab a moisturiser for after, though!


Baxter of California Daily Face Wash, £18

Grooming Test Drive: Best New Discoveries | ASOS Style Feed

Matt, Senior Content Editor

For me, showering functions as much as a key stage in the waking-up process (post-1st cup of coffee, pre-2nd and 3rd cups) as it does a cleansing ritual, so a certain amount of shower-gel tingle is a pre-requisite. men-ü’s citrus and mint gel sounded promising on that score, but surprisingly it’s the former flavour that provides the zing factor – a sour orange scent that’s not unpleasant and is just about bright enough to shift the cobwebs. At nine notes for 100ml, it’s not the cheapest tube in the bathroom cabinet, but a small squirt of the ultra-concentrated gel lathered up decently and went a long way.


men-ü Citrus & Mint Shower Gel, £8.95

Grooming Test Drive: Best New Discoveries | ASOS Style Feed

Ben, Stylist

I was apprehensive about using this scrub as I thought it would be a bit of a novelty. I expected it to cause a mess and not really do much for my skin, but I was actually left pleasantly surprised. My skin felt extremely soft and it left a nice, subtle scent. It wasn’t easy to wash off, though, but a damp face cloth did the trick in the end.

L'Oréal Paris Smooth Sugars Nourish Scrub, £9.99
Grooming Test Drive: Best New Discoveries | ASOS Style Feed

Luke, Junior Editor

Finding a product that gets to the root of my beard to moisturise the skin and prevent flakiness is tough – plus, different skin and hair types will all need a more tailored approach. With a smooth texture and grown-up fragrance, this Bulldog Original Beard Balm is perfect for lighter, finer hair types and entry-level facial hair. However, I reckon beardier brethren will need something a little more heavy-duty.


Bulldog Original Beard Balm, £8

Grooming Test Drive: Best New Discoveries | ASOS Style Feed

Pictures: ASOS

Seb, Artworker

As most of the dry shampoos I’ve come across are targeted towards women, it was nice to finally be able to try a version with a scent that I could get on board with. It was really easy to use, as I managed to distribute it throughout my hair evenly. My hair instantly felt a lot cleaner and it also gave my barnet some volume, so there wasn’t much styling to do after application. I feel like this product will have my strands sorted no matter the season.


Johnny's Chop Shop Dry Shampoo, £5