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The 2017 NBA season has seen records break, rookies reign and of course, a fair share of outrageous thee-pointers from Steph Curry. But now, with the Playoffs about to tip-off, we've taken a look at who'd take home the trophy should it be based solely on their on-court kits.

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16. Houston Rockets

Houston, we have a problem. It’s that your basketball uniform looks like a generic track and field kit, or a Sunday League footy shirt with the sleeves cut off.

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15. Golden State Warriors

They may be a ruthlessly efficient Western Conference championship-winning machine, but the Warriors’ gear is a bit of mess. A fussy neckline, inconsistent fonts and weird sleeve lengths make for something that’s the sartorial opposite of an effortless Curry jumpshot.

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14. Memphis Grizzlies

For a city so invested in rhythm and blues, the Memphis home jersey lacks the soul to bump it up the leaderboard. The core elements are there – the technical, perforated texture, a neat logo and good contrast trim – but it's just missing that bite.

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13. Utah Jazz

Proud owners of the most gloriously naff logo in all of pro-sports – more small-town cocktail lounge than big-city ballers – the Jazz’s 2017 steez is surprisingly sophisticated: all grown-up navy blue with subtle gold trim. Nice.

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12. Indiana Pacers

Bad neckline aside, there's not much to be said about the Pacers' home top. A neat palette of yellow, white and blue – which runs through each variation – picks them up some bonus points.

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11. Los Angeles Clippers

A game of two halves for the Clippers: a dorkily all-American home top in red, white and blue, and a too-cool-for-school minimal all-black away top with a decent retro logo.

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10. Atlanta Hawks

As we know from its thriving rap scene, Atlanta is all for breaking away from the norm. So, as a base, the smart geometric pattern is a strong, subtle switch-up. But raiding the font book for something far removed from classic sports jersey lettering is an experiment too far, and one that keeps the Hawks from achieving Migos-level greatness.

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9. Cleveland Cavaliers

A suitably regal burgundy-and-gold affair for King James’ crew, with more than a hint of Hoosiers 50s vibes (as opposed to the actual Gene Hackman movie replica tops worn by Indiana, for some reason).

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8. Boston Celtics

You can understand Isaiah Thomas' happiness here. Not only does he have one of the best shooting averages out there, he gets to wear a classic kit – one that's barely swayed from its white and green simplicity for decades. Its grey and green on-the-road counterparts, however, struggle to match the home jersey's enduring brilliance.

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7. Oklahoma City Thunder

The league’s most dedicated fashionista – Russell Westbrook – leads the Thunder, so it’s a good job they play in an on-trend shade of orange. The minimalist OKC logo and simple navy trim, by contrast, represents the antithesis of Westbrook's 'put one extra thing on before you leave the house' sartorial philosophy.

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6. San Antonio Spurs

Although they're responsible for one of the most eccentric 'alternate' jerseys (a glitchy camo variation), the Spurs have also nailed the basics brilliantly with this all-grey affair. Who needs the team name emblazoned on the front when you've got a logo this recognisable?

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5. Toronto Raptors

Toronto’s kit manager seems to have bought a job lot of generic 80s PE kits in various colours, and called it a day. In the absolute best way possible. Clean, simple and timeless (basically the exact inverse of their forever-the-mid-90s team nickname).

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4. Washington Wizards

In essence, the Wizards' kit is a court-ready USA flag, draped so stylishly that when John Wall is standing at the top of the circle, the defence become so mesmerised by its stars and stripes that shooting threes are a piece of cake. 

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3. Milwaukee Bucks

The best of both worlds for the Bucks: a super-minimalist retro main jersey, and a tasty, graphic, alternate top (with bonus ‘mean stag’ action).

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2. Chicago Bulls

The Bulls' jersey is the Michael Jordan of basketball kits – really, really good at what it does. So it was fitting he donned the classic red and white colours, and the collegiate lettering that's become synonymous with basketball. Beautiful.

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1. Portland Trail Blazers

When you’ve got a home kit as cool as Portland’s – all black, graphic, 70s logo, equally retro triple-diagonal stripe design – you don’t need gimmicky alternate versions, throwback jerseys or other distractions. Just wear that baby all the way to (sartorial) playoff glory.