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With holiday season agonisingly close, that travel case under your bed seems to be crying out for its annual filling. While you’re more than capable of silencing it with the usual sunnies and swimwear combo, have you given enough thought to what you’ll be wearing as you wheel your bags to the airport? If the answer’s no, then no worries. We’ve got you covered. Or rather, these stylish celebs have. 

celebrity at airport

Picture: Mega

Ryan Reynolds’ texture explosion

Here’s a guy with a material answer to all of air travel’s biggest challenges. In-flight air con broken? That better-when-it’s-beat-up suede jacket is coming off and surviving a cramming in the overhead locker like it ain’t no thing. Fisticuffs at the carousel over whose black bag is whose? This easy-to-spot luxury leather luggage will have him outta there in no time. Long-haul hair issues? A tweed-ish cap up top will cover any sins. Most clever of all, though? The way Ry-Rey brings the whole lot together by sticking to earthy tones. Smart move, bud. Smart move.

celebrity at airport

Picture: Xposure

Justin Bieber’s jet-snooze steez

Biebs could be experiencing biblical turbulence, selfish armrest-hogging company and the most satanic of four-year-olds kicking his chair from behind, but while wearing this baggy hooded get-up, he’d still get some much-needed shuteye. OK, so he’s not flown with the public for years, but short of wrapping up in a double duvet, this is the comfiest, cosiest, most sleep-friendly outfit we’ve seen in some time. Or, ever.

celebrity at airport

Picture: Splash

Robert Pattinson’s layering tactics

Hands up if you’ve ever massively underestimated the temperature of your destination, strolling out of the plane doors only to instantly slap yourself on the forehead for getting your garment choice so spectacularly wrong? OK, everyone put your hands down. The solution? Nailing the layering. R-Patz’s tee-hoodie-bomber combo is a masterclass in covering all runway eventualities, with bonus points for the failsafe round specs to hide any travel baggage of the eye kind, too. 

celebrity at airport

Picture: Flynet

Wiz Khalifa's wild side

Wiz Khalifa’s not the kind of guy to let an altitude of 36,000ft stop his outerwear from absolutely popping. Sure, he may be miles above the nearest paparazzi zoom lens, but that’s no reason to leave this furry number from highly in-demand Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy in his wardrobe. There's also a lesson to be learnt from Wiz here, in styling out daring numbers like this one. He’s letting the eccentric pattern do all the shouting by sticking to blocked colours underneath and some classic Converse down below.

celebrity at airport

Picture: Splash

Jaden Smith’s grunge-ageddon

Rockstar fashion and air travel don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. Just ask Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, who was once booted from a Southwest Airlines plane for having his trousers hanging too low (for real). But mini Smith knows how to make it work. Grunge’s loose and baggy cuts make for more comfort when seating in one of those cramped seats, and its multi-layered approach is ideal for decent temperature control. And with plenty of rips, tears, patches and distressed elements to break up your silhouette, it won’t matter if a little in-flight rocking and rolling causes a beverage to spill down your lap.