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Although much more of an issue in the sweatier months of summer, constant wearing of your prized pair of sneaks can lead to a less-than-desirable fragrance. Not to worry – these few easy steps will help keep your kicks smelling box fresh.

1. Bacteria hates the chill so, firstly, put your trainers in a clear resealable bag and leave them in the freezer overnight. The icy-cold conditions will nullify any of the germs that create the smell in your shoes. Repeat this process every so often to keep your sneakers nice and fresh.


2. Alternatively, drop a tea bag in a mug of hot water and leave to brew for three minutes. While you wait, place a tissue on the insoles, squeeze out any excess water from the tea bag and place it onto the tissue inside of the trainer. Repeat this process for each shoe and leave them for 60 minutes. The tea bag will attract any bacteria and, when complete, simply bin the tea bag and tissue. (Then make yourself a cuppa with a fresh one as a reward).


3. Nailing the basics helps more than you think. Keep your feet nice and fresh by giving them a thorough scrub with some strong body wash, before drying with a towel. Wet feet are a surefire way of bringing an unpleasant smell to your shoes, so ensure your feet are dry and soft afterwards by rubbing in talcum powder. 


4. Choosing high-quality socks is equally as important as any bit of advice. Sockless shoe wearing will allow sweatiness to seep into the soles and too thick a sock will only create more of a sweaty situation, so follow the previous steps, choose some clean sports socks – made to battle this issue – and your feet will remain fresh and odour-free.