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Thank the lord for good TV, eh? With 2016 finally in its dying days (sayonara, don’t let the door hit you on the way out), we’ve never needed a break from reality more. Here are the year’s most garm-heavy series so you can get a side order of style with your escapism.

2016's most stylish tv shows

Picture: Netflix

Stranger Things

2016: the year we were all inspired by some 11-year-old AV-club members to get dressed in early-80s staples like cord collars, Nike Cortez and trucker hats. The runaway success of Netflix’s binge-inducing Stranger Things stole into many areas of our lives – suddenly, there was a hankering to watch The Goonies and ET rather than get lit on a Saturday night, while Toto’s Africa snuck its way into our Spotify most played. But never has shearling, every tone of tan and mustard, or a buzz cut ever looked so good. Bring on season two. 

2016's most stylish tv shows

Picture: Rex

The Night Manager

If you didn’t predict dad-style linen shirts, three-piece suits and red cords being lauded as stylish in a 2016 roundup, we feel you. Hit spy drama The Night Manager not only heralded in a small-screen version of the rambunctious OTT espionage usually seen only in James Bond movies, but it was also a vehicle for some of the more unlikely elements of your old man’s style to make a return to the fashion stage. Because Tom Hiddleston is tall and good-looking, and Hugh Laurie knows how to play louche baddie to a T, they pulled off Riviera glamour without looking cheesy – no mean feat. 

2016's most stylish tv shows

Picture: Capital Pictures


Summer ’16 was all about Drake, poll stations and Pablo Escobar. Season two of Narcos bought the master crim’s Hawaiian shirts squarely into fashion focus, with revere collars once again storming the sunny season. See also retro logo sweatshirts, mid-wash denim, dad trainers and khaki… This show’s like a microcosmic capsule of all the SS16 catwalks rolled into one epic, drug-fuelled cat-and-mouse TV-fest. We’re still not sold on the moustaches, though. 

2016's most stylish tv shows

Picture: BBC

People Just Do Nothing

Kurupt FM is home not only to some tight garage beats and the ‘best MC in the galaxy, yeah?’, but also some serious tracksuit inspiration. The lo-fi pirate radio mockumentary returned for its third season this year, and the streets of Brentford have never been so stylish. MC Grindah, DJ Beats, Steves and Decoy have Kappa, Fila and Nike coming out of their ears, unwittingly riffing on one of 2016’s biggest trends, the late-90s, early-00s brand revival. Throw a cap on your bonce, Air Max on your feet and turn to 108.9 on your dial for maximum steez.

2016's most stylish tv shows

Picture: Rex


Fox’s smart, funny series about aspirant trap artists not only starred Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, aka one of the most stylish men walking red carpets right now. No, it also had a truckload of summer-appropriate garms that, when it first aired in rainy November, had us wishing we were the ones trying to make it in the Atlanta music scene. From board shorts and heavy chains to colourful polos and logo tees, it’s the new mood board for our summer 2017 wardrobes. 

2016's most stylish tv shows

Picture: Channel 4/Walter

Deutschland 83

Never did East/West German tension look so good as in Channel 4’s start-of-the-year spy hit Deutschland 83. Leading man Jonas Nay’s wardrobe is on-point for the era, with that red PUMA tee and Stan Smiths the standout stars (honourable mention goes to the straight-cut jeans). On one side of the wall, he’s in Stasi military getup – on the other he gets ringer tees, track jackets and quarter-zip fleeces. We know which side we’d choose.