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We may be slap-bang in the middle of winter, but that doesn’t mean we need to surrender our skin and general savoir faire to the sub-zero struggle. Fight back against the big freeze with these grooming fixes.

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Problem one: my lips hurt

That’s because there’s nothing there to protect them. Saliva will do the trick, but there’s only so many times you can lick your lips in public before someone calls the police. This is where lip balm comes in. Not the glittery, strawberry-flavoured stuff that your girlfriend used to eat by the tub-full in school, but something that will actually soothe winter-sore lips. A well-known brand like Carmex should sort you right out – it contains menthol to relieve pain and cocoa butter to instantly moisturise on the go (pink glitter definitely not included).

Problem two: My winter beard’s gone mad

Big, grizzly beards don’t just keep your face nice and warm in the cold and snow. If you started growing yours last year, you should now be enjoying the sweet spot between looking good and not having to bother with a razor until spring. Awesome. But here’s the thing: winter beards can go bad if they’re not looked after, so make sure you tame yours with shampoo every couple of days. Try a facial scrub, too, which will clear some of that debris lurking beneath your whiskers. 
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Problem three: I look like a vampire

Nothing makes a man’s complexion pale like three months or so of virtually zero sunlight. And though you may have already booked a holiday, your skin’s going to need some help to make it through to the end of March. The answer? Reach for the tinted moisturiser which, if used properly, gives you just a touch of glow without overdoing the whole TOWIE thing. Pro tip: mix with your usual moisturiser until you get the right results and, if possible, try to have a sniff before you buy – some brands smell downright rank.

Problem four: My skin’s all dry

In winter, men have a whole load of extra opportunities to have the top layer of skin ripped off their face. If your morning shave doesn’t do it, then the commute to work, or your jog home from the gym, definitely will. This is where you really need to up your moisturiser game. Go for a reputable men’s brand with loads of face-friendly ingredients, like Bulldog, and apply at least twice a day to give yourself a fighting chance to save your skin.
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Problem five: I look knackered all the time

A bit of summer sun literally brightens your lids so you appear healthier, while the winter cold does nothing to rejuvenate eyes that have been staring at a screen all day. Eye drops are a quick take-anywhere fix, or, if you don’t like sticking stuff directly into your irises, try an under-eye roll-on. Two quick swipes have an instant cooling effect, which helps put the sparkle back in your eyes, even if is dark and rainy outside.