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Five best Insta-beards

Remember a year or so back when the internet proposed that, style-wise, we’d reached ‘peak beard’ and it was time to move on? We can only imagine that little rumour was started by some rosy-cheeked tyke unable to achieve a satisfactory level of facial follicles, because the death of the beard has been greatly exaggerated. To prove it, we’ve selected some of the many dapper dudes who are currently rocking it razor-less and provided some inspiration should you wish to cultivate your own late-summer soup-strainer.

five best insta-beards

Picture: Instagram.com/JimmyLaunay

Jimmy Launay

ASOS model Jimmy Launay is all short-hair-don’t-care with an East 17-style Brian Harvey haircut complementing his beard. The super-close-cropped trim provides just the right balance to make his thick beard and Victorian-strongman twizzled 'tache stand out. Mashing up the 1890s and the 1990s has never looked better.

five best insta-beards

Picture: Instagram.com/thenotoriousmma

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is an absolutely terrifying human being who could tear you apart in seconds. He’s the current UFC Interim Featherweight Champion, and a true heavy hitter both literally and style-wise, completely unafraid to peacock with eye-catching fuchsia or windowpane three-pieces (and who’s going to argue?). Andrei Arlovski was the early beard-champion of the MMA world (suck it, Kimbo!), but McGregor’s facial hair – which is as untamed as his stand-up game – is grasping for the title.

five best insta-beards

Picture: Instagram.com/billyhuxley

Billy Huxley

ASOS model and Tom Hardy lookalike Billy Huxley isn’t afraid of a bit of scruff. Visual interest is the name of the game, and his untamed jawline complements his suit just as much as his floral tie and pocket square. Unpredictability is the way to push an outfit to the next level and in formal situations a beard is a good bet. Wildcard!

five best insta-beards

Picture: Instagram.com/alessandro_manfredini

Alessandro Manfredini

Alessandro Manfredini is basically how we want to look when we grow up. An Italian grooming and fashion model, the guy brings so much heat he’s legally required to carry a fire extinguisher. Showing that bigger is better, Manfredini manages to avoid any ‘Uncle Albert’ pitfalls by keeping everything neatly edged, oiled and even. Chalk-line suits are slowly pulling themselves up out of the banker mire they’ve been floundering in, and a red and grey number is a sharp way to stay ahead of the curve.

five best insta-beards

Picture: Instagram.com/artcomesfirst

Sam Lambert

Sam Lambert is one half of the design duo Art Comes First (along with Shaka Maidoh), and is often gushed over by various street style blogs. And quite rightly! Usually sporting a wide-brimmed hat and a bushy beard, he can be often be found rubbing shoulders with other hirsute sartorial stars like Motofumi Kogi or Nick Wooster. The layering of denim and leather is a must, but the collar and tie peeping through adds that extra dimension to Lambert’s look.